ICE raids in Houston, 45 criminal aliens and fugitives arrested

HOUSTON — The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Enforcement and Removal Operations is reporting that it arrested 45 illegal aliens in the Houston area for violating U.S. immigration laws during a five-day enforcement action! Wow. Great results and glad no one on either side had to be harmed during the enforcement.

Individuals arrested during the operation included nationals from Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Cuba, Nigeria, India, Chile and Turkey.

Of the individuals arrested during the operation, 15 had previously been deported and 42 had prior criminal convictions. Several had felony convictions for serious or violent criminal offenses, such as rape, child exploitation, robbery, drug trafficking and assault.

Some of those arrests included the following:

  • In Houston, a 29-year-old Turkish national convicted of child exploitation;
  • In Houston, a previously removed 43-year-old Honduran national convicted of rape;
  • In Houston, a 44-year-old Cuban national convicted of burglary; and
  • In Tomball, a twice-removed 46-year-old Mexican national convicted of burglary and drug trafficking.

President Trump has certainly unleashed the power of our immigration agencies on these illegal alien networks that have been allowed to thrive in the country over the last 30 years. We are seeing the best effort to secure our country that has ever been taken.


It is certainly an ambitious effort to attempt to remove over 11 million illegal aliens from a country, but President Trump and ICE are proving they are more than up for the task and they are certainly rising to the occasion.

What makes this monumental effort even more daunting is the fact that ICE and Trump aren’t just taking on this massive horde of illegal aliens, but also battling the corrupt Democrat establishment and the lying media as well.

You see the media won’t tell you that ICE is going after rapists, instead they will create a perception that ICE is literally going after every single immigrant regardless of legal status, which is of course demonstrably untrue.

However, ICE arrests of illegal aliens that have not committed violent crimes has also increased and I will be writing an article shortly about that as well, because you see, no longer will we wait for an illegal alien to harm a U.S. Citizen before we decide to remove you from our country.

Now, just being here illegally is enough to remove you, as it should have always been.




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