ICE arrests of illegals spikes over 200% under Trump! Lib groups file lawsuit on ICE…


These two insane groups known as the “Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights” and “Organized Communities Against Deportations” have filed a class-action lawsuit against United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of a number of illegal aliens that were arrested by ICE during a sweep in Chicago.

The lawsuit alleges that ICE indiscriminately arrested people in wide-ranging sweeps that were based on racial profiling of Hispanics…The lawsuit makes a few wild allegations claiming ICE abuse’s of authority, one claim alleges that a man was arrested simply for walking down the street…Of course it doesn’t mention that he was illegally present in the country.

In fact, every person represented in this lawsuit that was arrested and detained during that particular May 2018 Chicago ICE operation was an illegal alien. Being in the U.S. illegally is a crime, don’t let the Left redefine them as immigrants, these are not immigrants, they are illegal aliens and they must be deported.


This is just the Liberal-Progressives once again virtual signalling for illegal aliens and this case better get thrown out immediately because it is totally asinine. This case is an attack on the reputation of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, just like the lies spread about supposed abuse at ICE detention centers.


The Liberals are just upset that they are losing a whole bunch of supporters. These people are not being arrested for no reason, they are here illegally and many using stolen identifications to work and vote illegally.

Besides, ICE doesn’t want to have to arrest illegal aliens that are not guilty of a violent crime at the moment because we have so many violent illegals that we need to target first. It is actually Sanctuary City policies that don’t allow ICE to properly investigate the exact whereabouts of known violent illegal aliens.

So ICE has to set up wider operational areas and search out more thoroughly among the populace in these Sanctuary areas in order to find the criminal aliens among the large group of aliens being shielded by the Democrats.

Collateral arrests are inevitable in these situations, and welcome in my opinion. Illegal aliens should be sleeping with one eye open, ready to be deported at a moments notice. Especially now that Trump is in charge.

ICE arrests of illegal aliens have spiked 203 percent in the first full 14 months of his presidency compared to the final 14 months of the Obama administration, growing from 19,128 to 58,010, according to NBC’s review of ICE figures.

NBC thinks it is a bad thing that Trump is finally letting ICE go after illegal aliens that are only guilty of breaking into our country, subverting our culture, sending our wealth back to Mexico, and stealing identities belonging to U.S. Citizens…They actually support the lawsuit filed by these Progressive groups against our awesome immigration agents!

It’s insane that some neo-marxist groups, like those that are suing ICE and the Media that protects them, seek to destroy our nation by fighting for these illegal aliens while we have so many U.S. citizens that need help right now.

Especially in a place like Chicago where thousands upon thousands are being shot every year in a horrifying drug gang violence epidemic that is being fueled by the Mexican Drug Cartels.

It’s unfortunate that we have to take such a hardline, zero-tolerance stance, but we are left with no choice. We cannot blame Trump for actions he is taking that are necessary to fix the problems created by the disastrous open arms immigration policies of the last few decades.

It is time to finally get serious about taking our country back and that starts with deporting those that are here illegally, even if they have committed no further crimes after entering our country illegally, the act of violating our borders alone warrants being deported.

Build the Wall, Deport ’em all.


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