Cartels use 81-year old elderly woman to smuggle heroin into California…

SAN DIEGO — U.S. Border Patrol agents at the Tecate port of entry Wednesday seized 92 pounds of heroin, valued at more than $870,000, from an elderly woman. 

“The cartels will try and manipulate anyone to smuggle their narcotics through the ports of entry,” said San Diego CBP Director of Field Operations Pete Flores.

“CBP officers are aware of the many tactics used by the cartels and remain ever vigilant to stop anyone attempting to smuggle narcotics.”

CBP officers working at the Tecate border crossing encountered a 81-year-old woman, U.S. citizen, when she entered the U.S. driving a 2011 Chrysler 200 at about 11:30 a.m.

A CBP K-9 team was screening vehicles as they waited in line for inspection when the detector dog alerted to the driver side rocker panel. I find it interesting that a great deal of busts come not from x-ray tech or some fancy whatsamajig, but actually from the nose of a well trained dog.

Agents referred the vehicle for a more in-depth inspection, during which Border Patrol discovered and extracted a total of 34 wrapped packages of heroin from the vehicle’s rocker panels. The estimated street value of the heroin is over $870,000.

Tecate Heroin.jpg


The woman was arrested and turned over to Homeland Security Investigations agents for further processing and Border Patrol seized the vehicle.

These are the disgusting tactics that the Cartels are willing to engage in and now an 81-year old woman is behind bars for smuggling heroin…The worst part is, the Cartel will still blame her and retaliate against her family and brutalize innocent people because they lost a shipment of drugs…

Even though they knew that right now is historically the toughest time to try to bring illicit drugs over the border and there was a really good chance she was going to get caught; However, I predict they will only get more daring as it is only going to get harder and harder to smuggle drugs in as the Wall gets built and Border Crossing checkpoints become more sophisticated.

Of course she was trying to come into California because here we have the worst drug gang and the biggest heroin market in America. A lot of that heroin was probably headed to Los Angeles and San Francisco where these people are “shooting up”(injecting heroin) in broad daylight and passing out in the streets!

Where do the drug addicts get the money for the heroin? Panhandling, prostitution, robbery. and welfare. Very few have stable jobs. We have a massive heroin problem here that most of America is unaware of just how bad it is eroding communities, but we are all funding it with the taxdollars that go to failed welfare programs that only enable drug addiction…even if you don’t live here, you are paying for it.

Thank God Border Patrol was able to make this bust, because the last thing we need is more heroin in California and the heroin is being shipped in by the cartels, so this bust hurts their profits which will ultimately hurt their organization.

It’s just really sad this 81-year old woman had to get caught up in all of this…

But wait there is more!

ARIZONA – A 15-year old teen, also a U.S. citizen was just arrested trying to cross through a pedestrian lane from Mexico into the U.S. with 5-pounds of heroin taped to his body…The drugs are valued at almost $134,000.

08092018 TFO SLU bc.jpg

So between the 81-year old and the 15-year old you have more than $1,000,000 worth of heroin on them…and do you think the Cartels give one damn about the lives they are destroying? Absolutely not, but they sure as hell care about that $1 million they just lost!

Again it was a canine that alerted to the drugs on this teenager. Give those dogs a mighty round of applause and while we can’t pay them more, they certainly deserve lots of praises and treats!

The cartels are getting incredibly desperate in their approach to get drugs across the Border as the Trump crackdown continues. President Trump is 100% keeping his promises when it comes to Border Security and that is sending these Cartels into a frenzy.

He is sending our Border Patrol everything they need to effectively interdict all of these drug smuggling attempts. I am not even scratching the surface with this article of the millions and millions of dollars worth of drugs seized…within just the last week!

It’s truly astonishing to see what U.S. immigration enforcement agencies are capable of when they aren’t being restrained and underfunded. All Trump had to do was take the proverbial handcuffs off of our Agents and send them a little help.

These heroic men and women that protect are country work perhaps the most thankless job in America and I am proud to be able to report on all of their successes and to see America’s Borders truly becoming secure! Incredible! Thank you CBP, ICE, to all LEO’s and President Trump!

Keep up the amazing work.


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