Border Patrol save drowning girl after her group abandons her…

LA JOYA, Texas – A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) Air Interdiction Agent jumped into the Rio Grande to save a drowning woman.

These agents are heroes and deserve better pay and increased funding.

AMO Air Interdiction Agents assigned to the McAllen Air and Marine Branch conducted line operations when they spotted a group of illegal aliens on the U.S. riverbank near La Joya, Texas.

As the agents alerted Border Patrol, the group ran back toward the Rio Grande and jumped off a 15 foot cliff into the river to swim back to Mexico.

Agents observed as a single woman, who was hesitant to jump in, contemplate the decision. The group coaxed the woman off the cliff, and despite Border Patrol pleading with her not to jump, the woman jumped into the river and immediately struggled to stay afloat.

After noticing the woman could not swim and that the group of illegal aliens refused to offer her assistance, one of the Air Interdiction Agents jumped into the water and retrieved her.

The woman was not injured and did not require any medical attention, but surely she would have drowned if the agents would not have been there. It is insane that America gets called evil, but we are going out of our way, spending untold amounts in resources, to rescue illegal aliens when their own people won’t even save them…


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