VIDEO: Black Lives Matter confront Black Cop on his wedding day…

Sacramento, California — Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter crashed the wedding dinner of a Sacramento Police Officer linked to the shooting of Stephon Clark:

You can watch the video of the shooting of Stephon Clark by clicking here.

The group enters the private wedding dinner and a woman, who appears to be White, begins berating the Black police officer. She starts asking him insane questions like ‘I was just wondering if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after?’ or ‘How you been sleeping?’

Which is a horrible thing to say to someone who was forced to shoot a criminal. They don’t live easily with the decision to take a life, no one does. Even soldiers who had no choice but to kill to survive, they still feel guilty about the actions they had to take to protect everyone, including themselves.

I find it absolutely bizarre that the extreme Left keeps deciding to defend obvious criminals. I genuinely want to sympathize with anyone who has lost a loved one due to police brutality(which in my research is an extremely rare occurrence), but if you are an obvious criminal, like Stephon Clark or Mike Brown, then I cannot sympathize with what happened to you.

Indeed many of these criminals already know the consequences of their actions, they live by the gun, they die by the gun. They rob people, they kill people, they rape. Not one person in America doesn’t know that the police are authorized to shoot if you are acting unruly and noncompliant.

This action by the Sacramento Black Lives Matters protesters goes totally over the line…well actually most things BLM does go over the line, but this really is disgusting. The police officers involved in the shooting of Stephon Clark have required extra security because of the death threats towards them and their families…that is just tragic.

Let us just be thankful that the police officer was OK and this protest wasn’t an ambush or assassination attempt as has already happened to police officers in 2018, because due to extreme Left-Wing rhetoric, they are being heavily targeted.

I have never seen this level of disrespect towards police officers in my lifetime and it’s reaching extremely dangerous levels right now. It all started under Barack Obama and his insistence on siding with criminals that were justifiably shot by police officers.

He allowed the extreme Left-Wing ideology that fuels hate groups like ANTIFA and BLM to spread like a cancer in our society until they infected just about every facet of our civilization.

Most universities became far Left propaganda centers that crank out these “activists” and “community organizers” that are really mostly socialists that want to tear down our borders and destroy our country forever.

Please support our Law Enforcement and speak out against these radical Left-Wing groups that are supporting criminals and doing crazy stuff like standing in freeways, rioting, and crashing someone’s wedding dinner just because he justifiably shot a criminal.

The Left is totally unhinged right now.


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