Lone Border Patrol Attacked by Rabid Group of Illegal Aliens

“The New River and immediate surrounding area remains one of our most challenging and dangerous areas to work,” said El Centro Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David S. Kim.

“The border wall system replacing the old fencing in that area is a solid step in mitigating those challenges.”

CALEXICO, Calif. – A U.S. Border Patrol agent assigned to the Calexico Border Patrol station was assaulted while attempting to arrest a group of suspected illegal immigrants around 10 p.m., Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred near the Calexico West Port of Entry and the New River after an agent observed a group of individuals illegally enter the United States. 

The agent was able to detain one man and place him in custody in the back seat of his service vehicle before turning his attention to the rest of the group. 

While the agent was trying to arrest others in the group, one of the men exited the river and opened the rear passenger door of the agent’s service vehicle, allowing the man in custody to attempt an escape.  Both men retreated into the river. 

The agent pursued both men.  Outnumbered, the agent was assaulted by the two men, while other members of the group began to throw objects at the agent. 

Other agents responded to assist the agent, however the rest of the aggressors returned to Mexico.  The escapee was successfully placed under arrest.

That is what our heroic Border Patrol agents have to deal with on a regular basis. And they don’t get scared when they are outnumbered or attacked. I wrote an article not long ago about agents being increasingly attacked with rocks by Illegal aliens. In almost the same circumstances the agents were attacked while trying to perform rescue procedures.

The illegal aliens that have been coming over recently are very aggressive and extremely dangerous. I will continue to insist that agents must use deadly force on anyone that physically threatens them, but something tells me that is exactly what the Liberal media want to happen.

So they can then say “OMG Trump’s Border Patrol is killing innocent immigrants for no reason! And they are kidnapping children and throwing Mexican babies in Nazi camps!”

When in reality our Border Patrol are incredibly restrained in their approach to apprehending illegal aliens and just as often as they are processing people to be deported they are rescuing illegal aliens and even U.S. citizens that are in dangerous situations.

The men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol often break up human smuggling/trafficking attempts, and regularly make massive drug busts as well. It is insane to me that so many Democrats want us to decrease our Border Security at a time when we need to amplify it tremendously.

Of course this group of hateful illegals was trying to enter California where they would be met with open arms by our insane state government. Because only here are we openly offering jobs, healthcare, housing, and welfare to illegal aliens…it is truly sickening and I am glad a few places have taken a stand against immoral and dangerous sanctuary city policies.

The Border Patrol and agencies like ICE have become much more effective in their duties under President Trump and he has sent them more support than they have ever had in our entire history as a country.

That is why the Democrats are taking such a hardline stance against Border Security right now, and they are openly pro-illegal alien now because at the end of the day this effort to secure our country hampers their ability to win elections.

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This is a very real and coordinated effort to secure this country’s borders and control the illegal alien problem…for the first time in our history, and the Democrat’s are fuming mad because these are potential voters they are losing.

You see, Obama didn’t care that he was losing support among many American demographics because he was busy cultivating a new demographic, the government-dependent illegal alien that has a family of American citizens that continually vote Democrat to avoid their illegal alien relatives from losing welfare or being deported.

By this time in a Hillary Presidency she no doubt would have legalized millions of illegal aliens with the stroke of a pen and she would have unleashed hell on any Right-Wingers that opposed her, think Waco, but on a national scale…

Thank God Trump is here and we are no longer allowing these rabid, ungrateful, and violent illegal aliens into our country.


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