48 hours, 8 human smuggling attempts foiled, 55 apprehended.

OPERATION BIG RIG they are calling it. A wide ranging initiative(that is almost like a war offensive) aimed at disrupting human smuggling and trafficking attempts. And boy is it achieving some astounding results.


I am telling you, my incredibly intelligent and free-thinking audience, there is a real war going on at our Southern Border.

I personally believe pro-illegal alien groups are trying to flood the country right now with as many illegal alien invaders as they can squeeze in before Trump builds the wall. Luckily our Border Patrol have the tools and support they need right now to prevent most of the flood of illegals from getting through.

Look at this.

On Monday(Aug. 6, 2018), Rio Grande City agents responded to a report of a Ford F-350 loading illegal aliens. Mobile units responded to the area and located the vehicle near Roma, Texas.

As agents approached the vehicle, they observed multiple illegals exit and attempt to flee. An Air and Marine helicopter responded in spectacular fashion as well and assisted agents in apprehending 20 illegal aliens. Seriously some action movie stuff going on right now.

As additional agents responded to the aforementioned bailout, they encountered a Ford F-150 parked in the middle of the roadway. As agents approached the vehicle, they encountered a group of 17 illegal aliens hidden in the nearby brush line.

Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but imagine if some madman(a Soros type) possibly arming these illegals with guns(and lordy knows Obama sent plenty of guns to Mexico) then imagine what would have happened with 17 ARMED illegals hidden in the brushline…We need a wall NOW before that ever happens.



Later that afternoon, McAllen agents observed illegal aliens getting into a Chevrolet Equinox near La Joya, Texas. Additional agents responded and located the vehicle near Military Road and Banworth Cana.

When agents encountered the vehicle, they observed several illegals fleeing the scene. Agents apprehended seven subjects who were all determined to be illegally present in the US.


On Tuesday(Aug. 7, 2018), McAllen agents responded to a report of illegal aliens traveling in a Buick sedan. When agents located the vehicle, the suspects were spooked and the vehicle came to a stop and multiple illegals exited. Agents apprehended one illegal alien and the United States citizen driver. All other subjects ran back to Mexico…cowards.

That same day, Kingsville agents apprehended two US citizens attempting to smuggle four illegal aliens through the Sarita checkpoint. Due to a K-9 alert, two vehicles were referred to secondary for inspection. While in secondary, agents discovered two illegals hidden in the trunk of each vehicle.

Also in Kingsville, agents arrested two truck drivers who are United States citizens as they attempted to smuggle two illegal aliens in the air dam of the trailer they were driving.

A Falfurrias agent stopped to render aid to a motorist with a flat tire on Highway 281(honestly, these Border Patrol agents are great people that genuinely want to help). As agents approached, they noticed a person concealed underneath blankets in the rear seat.

During a search of the vehicle, agents discovered a juvenile stuffed inside a duffel bag on the back seat.

Agents arrested the driver, who is a United States citizen, and both passengers who were illegally present in the United States.

Wooh ‘Murica, am I right? That is 48 hours at the border during OPERATION BIG RIG *cue the truck horns*, really some intense stuff going on during the Trump Administration and he is unleashing our Border Patrol and ICE on these human smugglers.

Finally someone is taking the idea of Border Security seriously. Part of the reason why I always doubted George W. Bush’s sincerity to fighting terrorism was he never seemed to take illegal immigration as seriously as he should have. I expected Obama to be soft on the Borders, but why was W. so relaxed when it came to protecting our frontline?

Well, the good thing is we don’t have to think about the past anymore and we can finally move forward in securing our country thanks to President Trump. Seriously, call a Border Patrol station or go down there and thank them if you live near one. Tell them we appreciate them keeping this country safe!


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