Man poses as First Responder EMT in human smuggling attempt…

FALFURRIAS, Texas – U. S. Border Patrol agents arrested a 30 year-old, United States citizen after a failed smuggling attempt at the Falfurrias checkpoint.

Early this morning, a marked Fire/Emergency Medical Service (EMS) vehicle arrived at the Falfurrias Checkpoint for inspection. During the primary inspection, a Border Patrol K-9 alerted to the vehicle.

08_07_18 FLF FTY 2.png

After agents referred the vehicle to the secondary inspection area, the driver fled the checkpoint at a high rate of speed.

Agents pursued the vehicle, which eventually came to an abrupt stop, and observed several subjects bail out. The driver, a United States citizen, and three of the fleeing passengers were quickly apprehended.

The passengers were determined to be Brazilian nationals who were illegally present in the United States.

WOW…You really never know what you will encounter as a Border Patrol agent, especially now that Trump is actually allowing Border Patrol to be extra cautious. This trick probably worked on the Obama-era Border Patrol because they were totally underfunded and had no real support like they do now.

It’s a great thing they had everything they needed to stop this imposter from getting through and arrested him and those he was smuggling. He should be stripped of his U.S. citizenship! I don’t care if he was born here, if he’s White, Black or Purple, he’s a damn traitor to his country and he doesn’t deserve to be a part of it.

I am telling you, right now we are seeing the best effort in our history to fix our borders and stop all of this crime from pouring through. It doesn’t matter if you are a U.S. citizen or an illegal alien, if you intend to violate our sacred borders, we promise to bring down the full power of law enforcement on you.

True immigration control is happening before our very eyes people and law and order is finally being restored.

Thank you Border Patrol and President Trump, keep working hard to secure our country and we promise to keep supporting you in any way possible.


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