Large group of 60 illegal aliens captured

WESLACO, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Weslaco Border Patrol Station apprehended a group of 60 illegal aliens near Hidalgo, Texas.

Hidalgo, TX, is certainly a hotspot when it comes to apprehending illegal aliens. The men and women of the Rio Grande Border Patrol work extremely hard and are very diligent in their efforts to protect America’s frontier, the Borders.

08_06_18 WSL Group

This group of illegal aliens consisted of 25 family units (51 total subjects), 7 unaccompanied children and two adults…

I said this in the last article, imagine what havoc 25 family units suddenly moving into one area will wreak on a community. That amount of people could literally take over an entire area, and 7 unaccompanied children?! That is a scary amount of children traveling without their family.

Liberals really just don’t understand what is happening at the Border.


Before President Trump, these illegals all would have been sent to Sanctuary Cities and the unaccompanied children sent to Hollywood to be used as child sex slaves. That is even if they would have been apprehended, as the Border Patrol didn’t have the same level of support from the Obama White House as it does from the Trump White House.

All along the Rio Grande, the Border Patrol has been working very hard to protect America from outside threats during the Trump Presidency. Not that they weren’t working hard before, but they essentially had no real support under Obama.

Not only has Trump increased the number of Border Patrol and ICE agents that are on duty, he has deployed the National Guard to our Border in what is being called OPERATION GUARDIAN SUPPORT. President Trump has also deployed special surveillance equipment to help seek out intruders in remote areas.

We desperately need a wall and I am totally in favor of deploying more National Guard to the Border as soon as possible and hopefully some regular troops as well.

We need to continue supporting our Border Patrol as much as possible as they are fighting a real war against these cartels, smugglers, traffickers and the unrelenting flood of illegals that want to pour in and destroy our culture forever.


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