Large group of 95 illegals found in Arizona desert

TUCSON, Ariz. – Ajo Station Border Patrol agents responded to a report from a National Park Service ranger about a fairly large group of illegal aliens approximately 8 miles west of the Lukeville Port of Entry.

The group will be turned over to the Enforcement Removal Office within Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) after being processed. THANK YOU ICE.

Agents located and arrested 95 foreign nationals who were illegally present in the country trekking through a very desolate part of the U.S southwest’s brutal deserts. The group consisted of several large families including men, women, and children. Ranging in ages from 3 months to 60-years old.

08012018 TCA Ajo group of 95.jpg

Can someone tell me why we should be taking in so many people over the age of 60? Absolutely nothing against Seniors, but when you have illegal aliens that are over the age of 60, there is a good chance they will immediately sign up for government assistance and we have enough AMERICAN SENIORS here that need help first.

This group was most likely hoping to reach a Sanctuary City somewhere in California, Illinois, Colorado, New York, Washington, or Oregon. Where they would be met with open arms by the Democrats, given welfare and healthcare, and of course protected from being prosecuted for crimes.

The large group of illegals were somewhere in this area, in the vicinity of the Organ Pipe National Monument:


Google Maps

Now just imagine that, almost 100 people trekking through the desert with minimal supplies. But can we actually blame them for giving it a shot? There is essentially no barrier between our two countries in that area…


Google Maps

You see those white posts and that tiny red fence in the distance? Yeah I can’t see it either, well that is what is supposed to deter people from illegally entering our country…That is nothing! You can pretty much see clear into the United States from here.

We need to build a wall and we need to build it now!

Could you imagine what a sudden influx of 95 people can do to a community? They can literally change the entire demographics of whole communities over time. There are literally dozens of extremely small towns don’t even have that many people living there!

We can’t keep being the stupid country that allows large groups of people to pour over the border and permanently alter our country forever.

And look before the ACLU and Amnesty International call me a xenophobe that hates all immigrants and wants to throw Mexican babies in cages and dip them in taco sauce, I actually believe we should have some form of “multiculturalism”(and that America has ALWAYS relied on racial minorities).

But it needs to occur in a much smaller degree and over a much longer period of time where people come into the country LEGALLY based on merit; Great care must be taken to assure proper assimilation into the American way of life.

I do condemn the synthetic and forced form of “multiculturalism” pushed by the Progressives which is really just an anti-American effort to tear down our borders and essentially destroy the country.

Thankfully President Trump is giving our Border Patrol the funds and support they need to effectively interdict groups like this before they reach their destinations and wreak havoc on local communities that are already overwhelmed and swamped in poverty.

I keep saying this because it is true, President Trump is actually preventing Democrats from entering the country. Because let us say that even if NONE of these 95 illegals ever vote, any children they have in America will be able to vote…And there is only one party in America saying “Vote for me or you and your family will be deported”

Most of these people speak no English and will not obtain a job right away, which means they will apply for welfare. And don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t apply for welfare as an illegal alien in a Sanctuary City, they are more than happy to get these illegals on government assistance right away.

Whatever they can do to get more votes, even if that means destroying the country forever. We can’t let that happen, support Border Patrol, ICE and President Trump.


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