VIDEO: LAPD shoot and kill crazed man and female hostage…

“It’s been 13 years since an officer’s gunfire has killed an innocent bystander or hostage in this department,” Police Chief Michel Moore said at a news conference. “In the last six weeks, it’s happened twice.”

A crazed man wielding a knife was shot and killed while holding a knife to a hostage’s throat, the hostage was also killed. Police fired 18 rounds at the man after he took the woman hostage and began sawing at her throat.

This video, made by an awesome group called Police Network, really breaks down what happened and the 911 calls leading up to the shooting:

 *******************WARNING GRAPHIC*************************

This was a monumental f*** up for the LAPD, and my main question is why in the hell did they wait so long to shoot him? However, I already know the answer, you see this is not the LAPDs fault.

The blame must be squarely placed on the California Democrats and the Liberal media and their desire to take every police shooting and turn it into a political issue.

Because the optics of shooting a mentally ill Hispanic man who only had a knife would have sent the Liberal media and Democrats into a frenzy and we would be hearing calls again to take away guns from police officer’s…even though now we will hear the same thing, because the optics of shooting a hostage AND a mentally ill Hispanic look a billion times worse.

There was no reason in my mind here for them to wait to pull the trigger, especially when they had calls that someone had already been stabbed, someone acting that aggressively with a knife around people should be neutralized immediately.

Our police need to be able to use deadly force at a moments notice, there is no time for “less than lethal” weapons in situations like this.

Instead, the state is forcing policemen and women to use ineffective tasers and bean bag guns before they can actually shoot someone that is clearly a very dangerous threat to everyone around them. That is making the situation more dangerous and that is why we now have a hostage killed by police for the first time in 13 years…

Anyone who acts that aggressively towards police, even if they are unarmed, has surely hurt others before and they must be put down without hesitation.

We need to bring back law and order and if we allow them to keep taking away a police officer’s ability to use deadly force then the criminals have won and lawlessness totally reigns. Utter and complete chaos, but perhaps that is what the Democrats want for us.

Because they are already taking away your right to defend yourself, and if the police aren’t allowed to properly help you well then you’re pretty much screwed aren’t you?

Prayers to the family of the lost hostage and let’s hope that mentally everyone who survived will get over this traumatic event.


2 Comments on “VIDEO: LAPD shoot and kill crazed man and female hostage…”

  1. Happened just the way Conservative Republicans wanted it to. Officers took their time, afforded him ample time to secure a hostage and then…..KILLED 2 HISPANICS for the price of 1…feel any safer America?


  2. This has zero to do with race. Your liberal state afforded the criminal time to take a hostage. The delay in the use of deadly force is a tragedy. Bean bags are a joke. Here in our great state of SC, he would, and should have been dropped after the third command to drop the knife. Not the 22nd, nor post mortem.

    Mental illness, and our unwillingness to humbly face our demons as a society, needs to be addressed. That, sees no color or political affiliation, only equity.

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