28th convicted sex offender arrested illegally entering CA in 2018

EL CENTRO, Calif.U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Border Patrol station arrested a previously deported sex offender shortly after 9 p.m. Thursday evening.

Record checks revealed that the man, later identified as Maximo Flores-Lezaman, a 43-year-old Mexican national, is a previously convicted sex offender.

The checks showed that Flores-Lezaman had a felony conviction from April 2002, in California, for Sex with a Minor. Flores-Lezaman was sentenced to one year in prison and three years probation after the 2002 felony conviction.

Of course he had such an extremely light sentence, because only in California can you break into the country illegally, have sex with a minor, then only do a year in prison and get three years probation…they probably didn’t even want to deport him.

But get caught with a bundle of straws and you are likely to get gunned down.


That arrest makes Flores-Lezaman the 28th sex offender arrested by El Centro Sector in fiscal year 2018 and he will remain in federal custody pending prosecution for violation of criminal law.

Imagine that, with still roughly 60 days to go in the fiscal year 2018, El Centro sector alone has prevented 28 sex offenders from reentering our country illegally. This is why Trump said rapists are being sent to the United States.

These are just the sick ones that have been caught and convicted, no telling how many countless other pedophiles have entered our country throughout the years of the open borders era that is thankfully being swiftly replaced by the Era of the Wall.

Bet the Democrats are extremely upset that they are losing so many potential voters at the border right now, because a pedophile illegal will only find support among one group in America right now and that is the Democrats.

The Border is the one area where they can’t control anything because it falls specifically within the jurisdiction of the Federal government. Before Trump we had a much more relaxed border security and the Border Patrol agents were severely underfunded and understaffed.

I defy anyone to compare the current effectiveness of our Border Security, ICE, Homeland Security to 5 or 10 years ago and tell me it isn’t much more effective now. Yes they made significant busts from time to time, but it wasn’t on the scale and volume that we are seeing now.

And as I said the effectiveness of these busts, they aren’t just catching people at the Border, they are arresting the leaders of these trafficking groups as well, dismantling their entire system from top to bottom. We have never seen that before.

It always seemed like before they were only allowed to do just enough to make it look like they were doing something, while the crime, drug and gang epidemics still festered. You see, the drug trade is a trillion dollar industry, and some politicians(believe it or not) are not above protecting and helping these vile people in return for some of the profit.

Those days are gone. Trump is here. Pedophiles, illegals, gang members, drug dealers and just all around degenerates be warned, you are no longer safe trying to enter our country. To those that think they are safe in Sanctuary Cities, you are not safe, ICE can still get you and they will.



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