Border Patrol catch man and woman using fake birth certificate

McALLEN, TexasU.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Centralized Processing Center on Monday, July 30 discovered an adult man and woman using a fraudulent birth certificate in an attempt to pass as father and child.

The man, a Honduran national, claimed he was the father of a 17-year-old female accompanying him. During an interview, the woman admitted to agents that the man was not her father and that the document in question was fraudulent.

Subsequently, she provided her real name and date of birth. She is 18 years old and claims to be a friend of the male subject.

Both subjects will be processed accordingly.

Read my other story about a man who was caught not long ago at the border smuggling a 4-month old baby using fake documents.

Very important story here that highlights the need for intense scrutiny of all documents being presented to agents at the Border. I don’t care if anyone doesn’t believe me, but when I was a kid I witnessed a woman present a photocopy of an ID to a Border Agent, and he let her pass…

Those days are gone. Trump is in charge now. No more free rides across the Border and we are seeing an increase in stops like this where agents are finding falsified documents trying to be used to illegally gain access to the country.

As it becomes more difficult to gain access to our country the methods traffickers and illegals will use to try to enter will become more sophisticated. Especially as technology progresses, so we must do what we can to make sure our Border Patrol agents have everything they need to detect these fake documents being used.

Bet if Obama tried to use his “Birth Certificate” today it probably wouldn’t be accepted.


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