Florida cop dead after illegal alien allegedly shot him in the head

Law enforcement confirmed this week that a Fort Meyers Officer named Adam Jobbers-Miller has died in the hospital after allegedly being shot in the head by an illegal alien.

Officer Miller was in critical condition for a week following a shootout with an illegal alien from Haiti where Miller was struck in the head.

Wisner Desmaret, a 29-year-old illegal alien from Haiti, had allegedly gotten into a fight with a group of men at a gas station when police were forced to intervene.

That’s when Desmaret allegedly began shooting at police officers, hitting Miller in the head and ultimately killing the Florida officer.
Desmaret was previously arrested in 2011 after a standoff with police and arrested multiple times for trespassing.

His most recent arrest was in early 2017. This illegal should have been turned over to ICE following his first arrest, but never was, thanks to virtue-signaling politicians.

And because of that failure by local officials to follow basic immigration law, a man is dead.

This story highlights the extremely important function of ICE and why detainers issued by the agency should never ever be ignored.

We should pass a law saying that any officials that ignore federal immigration law and release illegal aliens back into the general population must be held partly responsible for crimes committed by that illegal alien.

Watch how quickly the Dems would start turning over these illegals to ICE.

The sad part is that it should not take a new law to get local officials to comply with existing federal immigration laws.

Local leaders are automatically supposed to be on the side of American citizens and legal residents over any illegal aliens.

The reason this story is so incredibly tragic is that, like most murders involving illegal alien perpetrators, this was entirely preventable.

Safety begins at the borders with our Border Patrol and Coast Guard, but they cant be expected to stop every single illegal from entering.

That is why we have ICE and they often work with local PDs to locate and deport criminal aliens that slipped through the cracks.

It’s well documented that if you break the law to enter the country, you are more likely to commit additional crimes.

Often times aliens have little to no respect for our Law Enforcment agents, as clearly evidenced by this case.

This story is incredibly sad and it is just one more reason why we need powerful border security and immigration agents that are allowed to relentlessly pursue illegal aliens.

Lives are at risk. Pray for everyone affected and hope we can fix the problem sooner rather than later.

Before more people are killed.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Officer Miller’s family and it has already raised over $67,000 and is close to reaching its goal of $75,000

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