ICE launches 2nd phase of crackdown on illegal employment

Get ready for a ton of new job openings folks! ICE recently announced they have served 5,200 Notices of Inspection for I-9 audits to businesses across the country as part of a 2-phase operation to crackdown on illegal aliens using stolen identities or businesses that knowingly hire illegals.

93 arrests have been made so far in this two part operation.

The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act requires employers to verify that their employees have a lawful status to work in the United States, but really these laws have never been as enforced as they are now.

Operations like this are incredibly important at flushing out the illegal aliens that have been operating under stolen identities for decades and fining employers that have knowingly violated the law and have engaged in hiring illegal immigrants and filing falsified I-9 reports.

Last year, a landscaping company named Asplundh Tree Experts, Co., was subject to the full fury of ICE when they were forced to pay the largest civil settlement agreement ever levied by ICE, a whopping $95 million dollars.. It was uncovered that they were knowingly using fraudulent documents to hire and rehire tons of illegals all cross the country.

Asplundh Tree Experts, Co. had found a way to have the most mobilized and underpaid workforce in their market, in the entire country actually. They came to dominate the entire emergency landscaping market. The illegals that they were hiring had little qualms about traveling around the country at a moments notice and they didn’t mind getting paid much less than an American citizen would have.

Using these underhanded and illegal tactics, no other company could compete. Without Trump’s HSI and ICE it’s difficult to say whether we would have seen that bust. It kind of seemed like if they knew about it already, but were probably being told to stand down by the Obama administration.

Now that Obama is gone, and Political Correctness is no longer poisoning our immigration policy, we are suddenly starting to see a very serious effort to find and deport these criminal aliens that steal people’s identities and cause great harm to our nation.

We will continue to see fines imposed on the corporations that have been instrumental in preventing our Border’s from becoming secure just so that they can continue to import cheap labor and make massive profits. President Trump is only doing what is right in leveling the playing field for companies that play by the rules. True justice.

Continue to voice your support for ICE. This is the real reason why the Democrats were scared. We will start to find many people who have been living in this country for decades, and voting Democrat, have been doing so with stolen identities.


2 Comments on “ICE launches 2nd phase of crackdown on illegal employment”

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  2. This is good news, but of course it would be deliciously fabulous if there were caravans of buses packed with former guests cruising toward Tijuana EVERY DAY.


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