Border Patrol find WW II-Era unexploded ordnance

TUCSON, Ariz.A Border Patrol agent assigned to the Brian A. Terry Station in Bisbee reported finding an unexploded MK2 37mm ordnance round from World War II near the international boundary fence Friday afternoon.

While patrolling near the international border, an agent reported finding what appeared to be an unexploded explosive round of ammunition.

Cochise County Sheriff’s deputies provided agents with assistance in setting up a safety perimeter.

On Tuesday morning, an Airman assigned to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit from Davis Monthan Air Force Base responded to the scene and confirmed the ordnance was a live round.

After determining its current location was the safest place for disposal, the EOD Airman detonated the round in place.

The MK2 37MM round of WW2 was widely used in both the European and Pacific theaters of combat. Though it proved not reliable at long ranges against the stronger tanks in Europe and was phased out as an anti-tank weapon, it remained in use against the weaker Japanese tanks of the Pacific.

But make no mistake, one 37MM anti-tank, anti-personnel, or anti-air round against a car with people inside could produce some pretty horrific results.

SEE THE 37MM US m3 anti-tank gun in action:

This type of ammunition functioned multiple roles, including anti-armor roles, anti-aircraft roles, and anti-personnel roles, depending on what type of round variant was being used.

Now, it’s important to note that while the article doesn’t exactly say whether this was the MK2 37MM anti-personnel round, anti-tank round, or the anti-aircraft round of WW2(or even what country the round was from), this ammunition was designed for one specific purpose, to kill other humans.

So it’s quite alarming for me to hear that a Border Patrol agent is just stumbling across this type of deadly ammunition at our southern border and highlights the need for a very strong wall with Mexico.


Different types of MK2 37MM shells


I wanted to bring this to people’s attention because the first thing that comes to my mind is the idea of some type of IED(Improvised Explosive Device) being used to try to hurt our Border Patrol agents, or maybe even blast a hole in existing walls, fences, and barriers.

Because either there has been a WW2-era Nazi sleeper cell hidden in America for the last 80 years that just now got it’s orders to sabotage the American war effort and prevent the Normandy Invasion, or more likely, Mexican cartels and smugglers are bringing over live ordnance for some nefarious purpose.

I highly doubt an American citizen left this unexploded ordnance here, and it’s obvious that Border Patrol agents would have found it sooner if it had been sitting there this entire time.

I truly believe the Cartels are desperate enough to try to smuggle explosives into the country to hurt people, and Lord knows right now they also have a willing market in the Radical Liberal-Terrorists that want to hurt Trump and his supporters at any costs.


Right now, the Cartels are at war with each other because the Trump administration has ended the Obama-era policies of arming them and helping them take out their rivals. Rather than getting support from the CIA and others, now, thanks to Trump, we are instead seeing the Cartel distribution network into the US being systematically dismantled.

Their entire illicit infrastructure is being targeted from top to bottom, side to side, as Trump hits them at every level of their organization. From Tier 1 personalities to the local drug dealer, no one in the Cartel is safe from the Trump administrations renewed effort to try to secure our borders.

Make no mistake there is a real insurgency going on in Mexico with these Mexican Drug Cartels and Border Security could not come at a more important time. It’s incredibly sad to say that the Obama administration armed these dangerous killers with armor-piercing weapons, strengthening our enemies and weakening America. I am glad that era is finally over.

However, at this point, the Cartels have so much wealth and power that they can pretty much purchase almost any weapons systems they want. They are in possession of numerous anti-tank weapons, from RPG’s to shoulder-fired anti-aircraft rockets, these Cartels are certainly a threat to our sovereignty.


Border Patrol agents have been targeted before and I published an article yesterday about how they are finding themselves under increasing assault by illegals that are throwing rocks at them while they perform rescue operations. It’s only a matter of time before they escalate the situation as they grow more desperate to gain access to our country.

This story, and others on my website, highlight the absolute chaotic nature of the job of protecting the US-Mexico border. Truly, you never know what will happen in a day of the life of a Border Patrol agent and I just thank God no one was hurt in this situation, but I am still very concerned for the safety of our Border Patrol.

I will continue to support them and pray for their safety. God bless our Border Patrol agents, ICE, and President Trump.


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