John Cox wants to save California.

“I am dedicated to making this state livable, affordable, safe and successful. I am dedicated to making this state open for business and opportunities.” -John Cox

California Republican Gubernatorial candidate, John Cox, recently rallied a crowd of constituents and media reps in the City of Industry, California, where he spoke out against Gavin Newsom’s proposal to expand the welfare state.

Cox slammed the state’s failure to curb the out of control rent prices and promised to repeal the Gas Tax.

The GOP Gubernatorial hopeful also said that he supports building a wall on our southern border to protect our country from foreign threats.

“This state has become unaffordable for the middle class. There almost isn’t a middle class any longer,” -John Cox

John Cox reminded everyone in the audience that nothing is free and that it is the middle class that will have to pay for Gavin Newsom’s plan to expand the welfare state, which will only further erode whatever is left of the middle class.

John Cox touched on a wide range of issues including the California water crisis, jokingly saying that soon you will have to choose between taking a shower and doing your laundry…He promises to build a water reservoir and desalination plants to replenish local water sources.


“the California legislatures are the best ones money can buy” -John Cox

He railed against the corrupt state legislature and blamed them for the housing crisis and the fact that California now tops the charts in terms of poverty…

This is the man that I will be voting for come this November and I encourage you all to do the same. The homeless crisis, drug epidemic, gang violence problem, and illegal immigrant wave are all threatening to tear our state apart.

Not to mention a water shortage, skyrocketing rent and energy prices, endless government boondoggles that cost taxpayers billions, the Gas Tax, out of control property taxes and more…It’s time to stop the madness.

Vote GOP. Vote for John Cox. Save California.


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