Border Patrol arrest three MS13 members.

EDINBURG – Texas. Border Patrol agents across the Rio Grande Valley arrested three members of the violent transnational Mara Salvatrucha gang known commonly as MS-13.

MS-13 Chest.png

On Friday, agents assigned to the Weslaco station arrested a Salvadoran man near Hidalgo, Texas. His records revealed that the man is a member of the MS-13 gang.

Saturday, McAllen agents apprehended a Salvadoran national near Granjeno, Texas. The man entered the country illegally with his minor daughter. His record later revealed that he is a member of the MS-13 gang.

Later that day, Rio Grande City agents arrested a Salvadoran national whose records showed that he is a member of the MS-13 gang.

Yeah you read that right, one of the men had actually crossed illegally with his daughter…who is a minor. I am actually hopeful in this situation the child has been removed from her MS-13 father, that is not a safe environment for a child.

I am very thankful US Border Patrol is doing their job to their fullest at the moment and it is thanks to the support being sent by President Trump. He has hired more agents and today there are more Border Patrol agents on the US-Mexico border than at any time in our history…and the Democrats are furious!


We are finally closer to getting true border security and once we get the wall built up we will have even greater control over who and what enters our country, because as we are seeing, massive amounts of gang-members, drugs, and weapons have been pouring into the country for decades now.

Thank you President Trump for finally putting our country and our citizens first!


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