BP rescue bleeding teen abandoned by smugglers

CALEXICO, California — Border Patrol agents rescued a 17-year old girl who was found lying face down in the dirt, she was in and out of consciousness, showed signs of fatigue, heat exhaustion, she was actively bleeding, and she had a fracture on her lower left leg.

Around 10 p.m., agents observed two individuals walking north near Anza and Bowker Road east of Calexico.  When the agents encountered the pair, it was determined that the two were Mexican citizens illegally present in the United States. 

The two informed the agents that they had illegally jumped over the wall with another person who was left behind because she was hurt and could not continue.

Agents tracked the footprints left behind south towards the border wall.  Near the wall, agents encountered a young woman face down in the dirt with a lower leg fracture. 

7-20-2018 ELC Rescue

She was essentially left to die by smugglers after they had crossed the border and she injured herself. Had the Border Patrol not stopped those two men there is a good chance they would have just continued on their destination and never said anything to anyone.

I am willing to bet anything they were headed towards Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Imagine how callous and selfish someone has to be to leave a woman they agreed to help to die in the brush like that. Anything could have happened to her!

And of course only in America do we dedicate every single resource possible to save these people that have been exploited, raped, kidnapped, abused, tortured, trafficked, smuggled, and sometimes even just left to die…and we still get called “racist” and “evil” by the very people we are helping…

Sorry, but I have little sympathy for these smugglers and traffickers at this point and I totally support much stricter sentencing for these people including the death penalty.

Liberals claim to care about women, but they proceed to invite in people that have little to no regard for women’s rights and have no qualms about leaving a woman to die, and it’s the US Border Patrol agents(that all love Trump) that are the ones that go out there and save these women and children.

Thank you Border Patrol for doing everything you do to save women and children and punish the scumbags that exploit them and traffick them across the border. These aren’t the people we need coming into the country right now..We have too many degenerates here in California as it is, we really don’t need anymore.


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