Border Patrol rescue unconscious woman in Texas desert

SULLIVAN CITY, Texas – This is a unique story about a rescue that just took place recently in South Texas where Border Patrol helped a man in distress and located an unconscious woman in dense foliage.

07_17_18 Rescue 1

So it starts with the man in distress. He had just turned himself in to the Sullivan City Police Department and they called the Border Patrol for assistance. They identified him as a 23-year old Mexican national who was displaying symptoms of heat related illness.

He explained to the agents that he had illegally crossed the border with his wife and children, but after entering the country and realizing the daunting task that lie ahead in the sweltering desert, he advised his wife to head back to Mexico with the children.

He was unsure if they had made it back safely.

Agents were on the case and the National Guard Rescue unit was dispatched to locate the family. Rescue units scoured the riverbank in search of the lost family. As they were searching, they suddenly located an unconscious woman.

She did not match the description of the wife. She was airlifted out of the area and is currently in a local hospital in critical condition. After thoroughly searching the area, the family was not located.

The following day, just as agents were questioning the man about the last place he saw his family, his wife called on his cell phone and informed him that they had made it back to Mexico safely.

Wow. So who was the unconscious woman? How can we be entirely sure the man has no connection to her? There just happened to be an unconscious woman in the area where this man said he lost his family?

She is very lucky they found her and only in America does our government go so far out of their way to ensure the safety of everyone. That all starts with building a wall to prevent people from even crossing the border to begin with.


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