Border Patrol officers seize Ritalin pills.

TUCSON, Ariz. –U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Arizona’s Port of Nogales arrested a Mexican national for attempting to smuggle methylphenidate, a drug also known as Ritalin, into the United States Wednesday.

Border Patrol agents seized 100 Ritalin pills from a Mexican man after a canine detected a suspicious scent on the 19-year olds bicycle. After further inspection agents found 100 Ritalin pills in the man’s pants.

07192018 TFO NOG Ritalin 1.jpg

While this is a relatively small bust, the reason why I am talking about it is because it highlights the range in which these drug busts take place. We often like to talk about the multi-million dollar seizures that take place, but that overlooks the massive number of people bringing small amounts into the country.

We have over half a million inbound legal crossings between the US and Mexico every single day. If just 1% of those people bring over 100 pills that is already over 5,000 illegal pills that entered the country.

It shows that agents need to be just as strict on the tractor-trailer that could be smuggling 100 illegals as they are on the pedestrian that could be smuggling 100 pills.

Keep up the good work boys, we stand by you.


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