3-yr old child abandoned by smugglers, rescued by Border Patrol.

EDINBURG, Texas, Border Patrol agents rescued a 3-year old child that was separated from her mother by smugglers, then abandoned in the river.

In the early afternoon hours, the McAllen Station received information from Hidalgo Port of Entry regarding possible illegal aliens underneath the bridge. As agents responded, they encountered a female claiming that her three-year-old daughter was missing. She stated that the guide/smuggler crossed her into the US alone.

Then, as the smuggler attempted to cross her daughter, she observed them both drifting down river as she lost sight of them. She could not see if they had returned to Mexico or if her child drifted away by herself.

Border Patrol agents were on the case and they deployed rescue elements and a helicopter that was able to quickly locate the child walking alone next to the river…They were able to reunite the child with the mother and they are both being processed accordingly.

Within a 9-month period, from October 1, 2107, to June 30, 2018, the Rio Grande Valley Sector has rescued 1157 people, an increase of 53% when compared to last year.

Let’s continue to support our border patrol agents and immigration officials as they secure our nation and protect humans from all parts of the world from the dangers they face when illegally trying to enter our country.


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