Border Patrol arrest man with 2 pounds of opium taped to his butt…

SALTON CITY, Calif. – El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Indio Station arrested a suspected narcotics smuggler and seized more than two pounds of opium paste concealed on his body.

After a pre-primary K-9 alert, agents referred the driver to the secondary inspection area for further inspection.  During the secondary inspection, it was determined that the man had illegal substances taped to his buttocks…

7-9-18 ELC Body Carrier

The opium paste had a combined weight of 2.23 pounds with an estimated street value of $71,360. Opium is a fairly rare drug that you don’t hear about often, but it is very dangerous and overdoses on the drug are actually quite common.

There is a chance that this person, like the woman that was arrested with 1/2 pound of heroin hidden in her crotch, was being coerced to bring this stuff across the border for someone and I hope they investigate this fully, where did he buy it, and where was he taking it.

READ Woman arrested with 1/2 pound of heroin hidden in her crotch

This is the absolutely crazy stuff that our Border Patrol agents have to deal with and yet ungrateful Liberals want to demonize and attack these agents for doing a job that can be extremely unpredictable, dangerous, and sometimes downright nasty.

I, for one, want to thank these fine individuals for doing an outstanding job and for being extremely diligent in their duties. I will continue to report on their successes as they achieve historic results in securing our borders with the support of a President who actually wants to see our country become safer.



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