Border Patrol Arrest Deported Rapist

TUCSON, Ariz. – Nogales Border Patrol agents apprehended a 30-year-old Mexican man west of Nogales and later identified him as a previously-deported convicted sex offender.

During processing, agents learned that Anthony Diaz-Garcia was convicted of rape in the third degree, in Richmond County, New York. A crime for which he was incarcerated six months before being deported.

This man was convicted of Rape in the 3rd Degree in the State of New York and deported after his sentence. That is a class 3 felony, for that he was sentenced to ONLY 6-months in prison…You better open the door and let that sink in.

The State of New York is far too lenient on illegal aliens that enter our country and rape people. Just like the State of California, that is why you see an epidemic of rape in the Liberal areas, because they are too tolerant on people who come from other countries where behavior like that is accepted.

In order to maintain the perception that no foreigners ever commit crimes in the US, the Liberal-Progressives go out of their way to help these people get off with a slap on the wrist for some heinous crimes.

3rd degree Rape in New York could mean this man raped someone was was incapable of consent…and for that he only did 6-months in jail. That is ridiculous and he should have had a much harsher punishment.

It’s a good thing Border Patrol apprehended this man and that zero-tolerance Trump is in charge now he may finally face a real punishment. Diaz will remain in federal custody to face charges for re-entering the U.S. as an aggravated felon.


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