California Democrats move to revive Net Neutrality

The Democrats are living in their own little bubble here in California where Hillary Clinton won the election, Hollywood is still relevant, illegal immigration is a good thing, global warming treaties are still a thing, and forced diversity combined with shallow multiculturalism are considered “strengths”

This is Progressivism in 2018, literally implementing 1930s era regulations on modern businesses that actually generate wealth and growth, unlike the Progressives that only create debt and misery.

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) introduced the bill (SB 822), known as the Wiener Bill, in a vain and desperate attempt to keep the repealed Net Neutrality rules in place.

Gee you would think with all the tons of human waste lining the streets of San Francisco that this guy would have more important things to worry about than reviving a failed set of archaic regulations.

This is an incredibly stupid decision and totally pointless move that is really nothing more than a very expensive virtue signal, because if this bill becomes law, the state of California will surely be met with lawsuits from several major Internet Service Providers.

This bill will end up being very costly for the taxpayer and average internet user.

The main reason why this move is totally pointless is because it is in complete contradiction to the FCC ‘Restoring Internet Freedom Order‘ issued by chairman Ajit Pai that went into effect on June 11th, 2018. That order can “preempt any state or local requirements that are inconsistent”, meaning anyone that tries to restore onerous Net Neutrality rules is in direct violation of that order.

But this is Progressivism in 2018, going backwards to a time of overreaching government intervention in our lives and advocating for a government that is just way too big and far too involved in every single aspect of our lives.

You see, that is what Net Neutrality is all about, government intervention into the internet in the name of stopping big business from potentially throttling your damn Netflix videos…It just isn’t worth it and the government simply doesn’t exist for that.

Besides, why can’t an ISP be allowed to use their business strength to get someone like Facebook or Netflix to pitch in on building the infrastructure that allows them to make massive profits when they are the ones using the biggest amounts of the infrastructure?

They get to make those massive profits of off using the infrastructure that these ISP’s built, a real physical, measurable infrastructure, not just a bunch of lines of code and geeks sitting at computers. What the ISPs create is something real and tangible, you could actually touch it, and it’s something that requires massive amounts of manpower, resources and material to create and maintain.

So that’s another piece to the puzzle, that these silicon valley technogeeks and the millions of soy boys in California would cry if they had to actually go outside and do some real work so they desperately want to protect their cushy jobs at Facebook, Twitter, Google, or whatever oddly named techno-startup they work at.

You see, if my website had millions of hits and users and I was making billions of dollars like Mark Zuckerberg and owners of Netflix, I would be more than happy to help out these ISPs with some of the infrastructure costs required by the heavy traffic generated by my content.

Right now the state assembly is on recess until August 6th, but I encourage you to continue to speak out against this incredibly shallow bill that as I said is NOTHING more than a big virtue signal for the Democrats to claim they fought for “a free and open internet” even though they sought, and failed, to control it and censor it.


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