Woman arrested with ½ pound of heroin hidden in her…

I am telling you right now what is going at the U.S.-Mexico Border is absolutely wild and there is a reason it is called the frontline in the war on drugs, trafficking, criminals and terrorism attempting to enter our country. Just when you think it can’t get anymore extreme, you find a story like this…

TUCSON, ARIZONA. Officers at the DeConcini Pedestrian Crossing referred a 23-year-old woman for further inspection where canine led to the discovery of nearly $8,500 worth of heroin concealed inside the suspect’s crotch.

Yes this 23-year old female drug mule had a 1/2 pound of heroin hidden inside of her vagina…Now while some may be tempted to make jokes here, this is an incredibly dangerous thing for someone to do.

She is lucky she did not get seriously ill or die because the concentrated toxicity levels of 1/2 a pound of heroin could be incredibly lethal. Most likely someone forced this poor woman to do this and I truly hope she cooperates with law enforcement to put that sick person behind jail.

What has been going on at the Border this past year has been nothing short of astounding! Currently the United States Customs and Border Protection agency is launching multiple campaigns to curb human trafficking and drug smuggling and it is paying off big time! Agents are being extra vigilant and the results speak for themselves.

Check out a few other stories I reported on recently, like the man caught smuggling a 4-month old baby, or multiple MS13 members being apprehended at the border.

Right now it is more important than ever for us to voice our support for ICE, Border Patrol and other immigration agencies that are working around the clock to keep everyone safer.

I will gladly continue to report on the inspiring results coming from those that protect our nation from those that seek to do it harm.



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