CA Judge blocks important part of ‘Sanctuary State’ law

This was a bit of an odd ruling handed down by Judge John Mendez in a California Federal court on Thursday that ultimately will lead to both sides claiming victory. A crucial part of the controversial Senate Bill 54, the so-called “Sanctuary State Law” was struck down earlier today, but other parts remain intact.

“Today the federal court issued a strong ruling against federal government overreach,” -California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Haha, since when did Liberals care about Federal overreach? Oh right, as soon as they lost power of the Executive Branch of our government! Becerra wanted this case completely dismissed without any ruling! These Democrats are the ones using the Executive Power of the State to try to control every single aspect of our lives!

So what was struck out of the Sanctuary State law? Perhaps the most overreaching and heinous part, the part that allowed the state to criminally prosecute any private employer that allowed immigration officials into their business without a warrant. This was voluntary compliance with immigration officials that the state was actually trying to make illegal.

Good on this judge not to dismiss the case and to block out this important part of the bill that punished business owners for voluntarily cooperating with immigration officials.

However, other parts of the bill remain largely intact. Specifically the part that says the state of California can limit a police officers ability to work with immigration officials and require inspection of detention facilities.

So the Judge ruled with a cold-logic sort of mindset. He basically saw the police officers as employees of the Executive Branch of our State, subject to the whims of the insane Democrats that are in charge right now. That sort of scares me, because among other things, I hope it doesn’t open the door for the Democrats to outright disarm most of our police officers.

I don’t really know how to feel about the part about the detention facility inspections, because on the one hand I do think it is very important for us to have some amount of transparency on what is going on with these detained people and what the federal government is doing with them.

However, I also feel the Democrats aren’t really doing it for that reason and they just want to go in there with a team of lawyers and sue the detention centers out of existence, a sort of backdoor around ICE operations by making it difficult for ICE to effectively detain and process apprehended individuals.

So at the end of the day, the Judge sent a pretty basic message to the people of California, that if we want police officers to work with ICE, then elect a governor and Attorney General that will allow them to work with ICE, but so long as the Democrats are in charge they can limit our officers ability to assist immigration officials.

And that, as we Cali-Conservatives were saying, it is completely illegal and outright tyrannical that the state government would try to criminally penalize any individual who willingly chooses to work with immigration officials!



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