Border Patrol Rescues 64 Illegal Aliens Trapped in Tractor Trailers

More news from the Frontline in the war on illegal immigration, trafficking, illicit drugs and other crime, the United States border with Mexico. Indeed even in Mexico the border is more commonly known as “La Frontera”, the frontier, or the frontline:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested nine U.S. citizens for smuggling 64 illegal aliens in five separate events over the weekend.

Tractor Trailer 1.jpg

According to United States Custom and Border Protection, in the last two months, Border Patrol agents have thwarted 42 smuggling attempts involving tractor trailers, rescuing 406 people from possible death due to soaring temperatures along the Southwest border.

Normally I like to talk about news topics that relate specifically to the President or to California, but I have been taking the time lately to highlight the incredibly dangerous situation at the US-Mexico border.

Why? Because right now Law Enforcement & immigration officials are finding themselves under assault by the Liberal-Democrats simply for protecting Americans and immigrants from traffickers, smugglers, pedophiles. murderers, rapists, drug-dealers, and a host of other undesirables that attempt to enter our country every single day.

Tractor Trailer Backscatter.jpg

High-Tech scanning equipment at the border helps agents spot hidden cargo or people.

It needs to end now, and by God, President Trump, ICE and our fine Border Patrol agents are working overtime to bring human trafficking down to it’s lowest point yet. This is of course triggering the Liberal-Democrats as their days of indulging in horrifyingly sinful behavior are coming to an end and they will atone for their crimes.

You think the case against Harvey Weinstein was bad? Hah. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet and the hammer will eventually drop on the Deep State pedophiles. They allow this type of human smuggling to take place for two reason, to use them as slave labor and as sex slaves.

Many young girls are forcefully given drugs and forced into a life of prostitution, men may find themselves doing extreme labor in a field with little to no pay for it. That is what you are subject to when you come here illegally and allow yourself to be at the mercy of the smugglers and Cartels.

Building a wall and strengthening our Border Security not only protects Americans, but it makes it easier for our Border Patrol and ICE agents to protect these immigrants that get exploited by the Cartels, MS13, traffickers and smugglers. Let’s hope we get a wall sooner rather than later.



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