Border Patrol agents rescue 13-year-old girl from human smugglers

Tucson Arizona Station Border Patrol agents rescued a 13-year-old Guatemalan girl from human smugglers Monday according to a CBP report.

The Left truly do not understand the epic child/human trafficking epidemic plaguing our country and the outstanding job that our immigration enforcement agents do to protect our country every single day. Countless lives are being saved from unimaginable horrors and the feral Left continues to call for the abolition of ICE and the dissolution of our borders…

The Report Reads:

Agents discovered the girl’s brother in the trunk of a car during inspection at the Arivaca Road Immigration Checkpoint Sunday afternoon, leading to the arrest of the driver, a 62-year-old Arivaca man, for human smuggling.

Also found in the vehicle being smuggled were a Mexican woman and another Guatemalan minor. While processing the group, agents learned the 13-year-old sister of one of the juveniles was separated from the rest and left with other smugglers at a residence near Arivaca.

The agents combed the entire area until they located that 13-year old Guatemalan girl and made sure she was safe. These smugglers, also known as “coyotes”, have been known to exploit children with alarming frequency, let’s just thank God these agents were able to locate this young girl.

Right now we have a powerful heat wave across the country that has contributed to three deaths already. The last thing people need to be subjected too is being shoved into the boiling hot trunk of a car in one of the hottest parts of the United States. That shows a complete lack of safety awareness by these smugglers.

People die on the journey to the United States all the time because of a total disregard for the safety of the person being smuggled. Indeed, often times the only way in is to actually stuff yourself into a compartment of a vehicle that was not designed to hold a person safely.

How anyone could possibly be against what our Border Patrol agents and ICE are doing is absolutely beyond me. They are simply protecting children and even adults from human smuggling and trafficking. They are busting up gun-running schemes and seizing record amounts of dangerous drugs like Meth and Fentanyl.

But as I have outlined on this blog and as many Conservatives are pointing out, it seems the Democrat Party may be benefiting financially and politically by supporting these traffickers, transnational criminal organizations, Cartels and gangs.

We must continue to voice our support for our amazing Law Enforcement officers, our immigration agents, and of course the amazing President Trump who is doing EVERYTHING within his power right now to at least put a dent in the tide of crime, human trafficking and drugs pouring across the border.













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