Border Patrol protect two teen boys from Human Trafficking.

This is truly one of the most important reports you will ever read along with the story about the man that was recently detained trying to smuggle a four-month old infant into the country. Because this highlights the ways illegals take advantage of Liberal policy to commit human trafficking, gun and drug smuggling.

A Yuma Station Border Patrol agent arrested a group of eight subjects who surrendered after they illegally crossed into the U.S.. All eight were determined to be Guatemalan nationals and were transported to the Yuma Central Processing Center.

Now here is the extremely important part from the report, please read this carefully:

“A Border Patrol agent later interviewed one of the subjects, a 16-year-old male, who claimed that both of his parents were still in Guatemala. The juvenile gave the agent a written phone number for a person who he claimed was a relative living in the U.S.

The agent called the number and spoke to a female who claimed to be the relative. After questioning, the agent was able to establish that the female was not in fact a relative and was impersonating one in hopes of having the juvenile released to her.

The juvenile eventually admitted that the woman was not a relative, and that his parents had arranged for him to be smuggled from Guatemala to Michigan in order to perform unspecified work for an unidentified person.

Agents later spoke to a second Guatemalan juvenile from the original group of eight, a 17-year-old male. The second minor had an almost identical story as the 16-year-old to include the same alleged relative and phone number.

Possible child sex trafficking going on here? I don’t want to be so cynical, but this sounds like a potential case and I can only imagine what Border Patrol prevented from happening to these boys.

I am so thankful they were on the job and stopped these people from being smuggled.

The reason why this story is so important is because it highlights the ways that illegals, by the millions, attempt to take advantage of the Liberal parts of our immigration policies, relying on emotion based policies.

Good thing this was a hardened agent who kept digginQ to the bottom of this case and found that they were indeed lying and they even forced the child to lie, sickening, perhaps he has been tortured in the past? Who knows, that is the scary part.

And just like the guy who attempted to smuggle that baby into the country, he presented falsified documents to an immigration officer that a less astute agent may have mistaken for real proof of parenthood.

Indeed, apparently that man had even already gotten away with it at least once before where they briefly held him, but let him go. Who knows how many times he offended between then and this last time that he got caught.

The abuse of children and teens in America is something that has been going on for years, but it is now seriously coming to light and truly is thanks to a new era in America that is rooting out the corrupt politicians that are in bed with the criminal organizations.

Not everyone in Congress or politics is corrupt, but there is a deep rooted corruption in Congress and especially in some state governments, namely California, that has a hand in the facilitation of trafficking, crime, and drugs that just now is really starting to get exposed on a massive scale.

President Trump is smart because he is engaging the Liberal-Democrats on so many different fronts at a point when they are historically at their weakest after the Obama disaster that they cannot possibly contest him effectively on every front.

So while they are busy trying to keep the Obamacare scam alive and hopelessly trying to keep Comey, McCabe, Hillary and others out of jail, President Trump is unleashing hell on the child trafficking industry and strengthening our borders and immigration policies in whatever way he can.

God Bless that man! He is extremely brave and we all need to take his lead and speak out in support of his policies and the amazing men and women of the US Border Patrol, CBP, and of course, ICE.



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