Asylum seeking couple arrested for human smuggling…

A Honduran couple that have a pending asylum case have been arrested for human smuggling according to U.S Customs and Border Enforcement.

Border Patrol agents in Falfurrias, Texas encountered a vehicle with six adults and two children. Three of the adults were in the cargo area of the vehicle, so they were basically in the trunk.

We were nice enough to grant these people a hearing for their asylum case, why? Because they had their two children with them…so they thought, “hey our kids helped us get across pretty easily last time, lets use them again to bring over our family members as well!”

The report reads:

An immigration inspection revealed that the Honduran couple sitting up front are pending an asylum hearing and were traveling with their two children. The couple drove from Houston to smuggle two of their adult family members and the brush guide who facilitated their trek around the Falfurrias checkpoint.

A separate adult in the vehicle, who was also illegally present in the United States, was encountered in the brush during the smuggling event.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Falfurrias checkpoint it’s situated about 70 miles North of the Border and these agents are VERY thorough.

Apparently, what this couple was attempting to do was drive around the checkpoint, through some rugged brush and it seems as though the Border Patrol agents interdicted the vehicle and one of the people tried to flee, but was apprehended.

Good work Border Patrol! Keep it up guys, and we will continue to voice our support for your mission to stop human trafficking/smuggling.

Getting these criminal illegals out of our country and making sure they NEVER return without major consequence is a top priority for our country right now!

Lives are being saved and the pro-crime Democrats that want to dismantle our borders and attack our ICE/CBP agents are a sick bunch of people that do not deserve to be taken seriously anymore. #SupportICE



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