Gang violence in CA, murders, shootings, beatings, & kids running for cover.

Long Beach, California. Cristian Ivan Macias, of Los Angeles, pulled the trigger in the May 13 slayings of La’marrion Upchurch and Monyae Jackson, who were both 15, detectives said. Two other teens were with them and they were also hit. It is unclear what type of weapon was used.

None of the four victims were affiliated with a gang. Macias was taken into custody on June 14, detectives said. He was charged four days later and also faces a special-circumstance allegation of a gang enhancement. He is currently being held without bail according to reports.

Investigators are searching for additional suspects who got away in a vehicle. Upchurch was pronounced dead at the scene, and Jackson died at a hospital two days later. The other two teens are no longer hospitalized.

There are rumors that this was a gang-initiation killing, though investigators have not declared a motive at this time.

You will NOT hear the mainstream Liberal media talk about these two unarmed black kids being senselessly gunned down for absolutely no reason other than to satisfy the blood lust of these vicious Latin gangs. These gangs are becoming emboldened by a California state government that is on their side and anti-law enforcement.

Oh, but when a criminal who happens to be black is gunned down by the police for resisting and breaking the law, the Liberal media is in a frenzy. Yet, here you have two unarmed young black kids who were shot most likely because they are black. You see, these Mexican/Latin gangs are EXTREMELY racist, and are even very violent towards other Mexicans/Latinos…


FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – In what authorities are describing as gang-on-gang violence that resulted in a “shooting that took place in front of the community center as children played nearby”, 1 man, Juan Rangel, 31-years old, was shot in the head and killed.

Juan Rangel made the mistake of senselessly driving his car too close to where his murderous rivals were sitting and he was spotted by them. The gang member that recognized Juan shouted “there he is” and opened fire on the vehicle, unleashing a torrent of gunfire.

Juan tried to speed away, but the shooter kept firing, striking him in the head and sending the car careening out of control.

The car reportedly almost hit bystanders as it crashed, Juan Rangel was pronounced dead at a scene, but a passenger in the car was rushed to a hospital.

Sureno and Norteno gangs, both predominately populated by Mexican-nationals and Mexican-Americans, have been engaged in the longest running gang war in American history for decades now…

The man who is accused of shooting him, Eliseo Orozco, is just 18 years old…What is the over/under that either him or his parents are from a different country(most likely Mexico) and came here illegally? Hell there is a small chance he might even be a DACA recipient!

One thing we do know, he damn sure ain’t no Trump supporter.

Also today, Antioch, California: Police have arrested two suspects in connection with a violent assault that occurred in May. Investigators determined five Norteno gang members attacked the man as he sat in his car.

According to reports, the men displayed gang-related hand signs as they punched and kicked the victim. The crazed suspects also shot at the victim as he drove away.

Adrian Nevarez, 21, and Marcos Torres, 21, were arrested on suspicion of crimes including attempted murder, assault likely to produce great bodily injury, dissuading a witness and mayhem, according to the Antioch Police Department.

During a search of Torres’ home, investigators located an illegal assault rifle and several handguns, police said.

Both suspects also face firearm and gang enhancements related to the incident.

A gang enhancement is used to describe a crime that was committed for the gang,  at the direction of, or to further the causes and goals of the gang.

If you want to see more of this crap going on then vote for the Democrat party because they are the ones that are giving us this by being too soft and lenient and gangs and crime. Also by allowing the flood of illegal immigration, unrestricted chain migration, and a sanctuary state policy is fueling a new crime wave and gang violence epidemic.

The police can only do so much and often times they are responding to crimes not preventing them. While these men had multiple illegal firearms, violating a myriad of “gun laws” that are supposedly meant to prevent crimes like this.

Our state legislature is focusing on taking away the right of a police officer to use deadly force while also allowing these gangs and human traffickers to flourish…it’s a nightmarish situation.

The Democrats are going into a complete nosedive and if we don’t change direction, like right now, then we are all done for…


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