Border Patrol catches 2 gang members & 2 child molesters…

Oh yes!! My fellow patriots, as I said I will happily continue to report on stories like this about our amazing Border Protection and ICE agencies that are arresting and preventing human traffickers, drug dealers, pedophiles, and all sorts of gang members from entering our country!

The United States Customs and Border Protection agency(CBP) have arrested two gang members, two child molesters, and a man charged with sexual contact in the third degree…



Kingsville station agents arrested a Salvadoran national near Sarita, Texas. Records exposed the man is a confirmed 18th Street Gang member.

Weslaco agents arrested a Mexican national near Donna, Texas. Record checks showed that the man was arrested in October, 2007, by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office for indecency with a child. In 2008, the man was convicted and sentenced to three years’ confinement.

Agents assigned to the Falfurrias station apprehended a Guatemalan national near Falfurrias, Texas. His records disclosed that he was arrested in 2004 by the Redwood City, California Police Department. He was convicted and sentenced to 45 days confinement and three years’ probation for sex with a minor.

Rio Grande City station agents arrested a Salvadoran man that was arrested by the Saint Paul Police Departement in Minnesota on October 1, 2017, that was charged with Sexual Contact – 3rd Degree. The man was sentenced to 36 months confinement and with 15 years probation.

Sexual Contact – 3rd Degree varies state to state. The pedophile was arrested and convicted in Minnesota, this is the legal definition of Sexual Contact – 3rd Degree in Minnesota according to the following law website:


Any one of these is a heinous act and thank god the Border Patrol was able to stop these pedophiles and gang members from gaining access to our precious country. The Democrats must be pissed as hell some of their voters didn’t make it over!

CBP is really doing a great job when it comes to trying to stem the absolutely overwhelming tide of crime and drugs pouring into our country. Too bad whacked out anti-Trump Liberals can’t see that.

Instead they are calling for the abolition of immigration agencies like ICE and the CBP. They want to dissolve our borders and allow all this riffraff and these undesirables to pour into our country by the millions.

I have talked about the multiple MS13 members they have apprehended at the border recently. This is in addition to that…there really is no break when it comes to protecting America’s borders and I truly thank ICE, CPB and especially President Trump for taking a hardline stance on these vicious criminals.

Border Patrol arrests gang members and convicted sex offenders


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