Large groups and unaccompanied children continue to cross border, says Border Patrol.

HIDALGO, TexasU.S. Border Patrol agents encountered a group of 31 illegal aliens along the riverbank of the Rio Grande near Hidalgo, Texas.

The illegal aliens were comprised of family units and unaccompanied children from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Border Patrol agents continue to encounter family units

They will all be processed according to the federal law.

All subjects were offered medical assistance, which to me is annoying as hell that we offer medical assistance to every single illegal that comes across. Can’t we at least bill the home country for the expenses?

If you are an MS13 member and you broke your ankle on the illegal journey here, we have to give you medical care, and America still gets called evil…it’s a topsy-turvy world we live in when Liberalism becomes a major factor in immigration policy.

Border Patrol is doing an awesome job, and truly they are making massive strides in the tide against illegal aliens and drugs pouring across the border, but we still have a very long way to go in terms of ending the drug and trafficking epidemic.


Right now, what we all need to do is support and pray for our amazing U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and the brave President Trump who has set aside his lavish lifestyle to finally put us on the right path towards securing our borders.

The border issue has nothing to do with race as the Liberals will have you believe. We are being just as tough on the Canadian border as well, and our oceans, as with new technologies our oceans no longer act as barriers that protect us, but as illicit pathways that endanger us.

I am so thankful for our ICE agents and CPB agents for really doing a great job in trying to put a dent in the massive human trafficking and drug epidemic. Don’t listen to the whacked out Liberals that want to abolish ICE and call it a “fascist” organization, they truly are not living in reality and have become unhinged beyond all political recognition, that is to say they must no longer be taken seriously.

Especially with insane calls to “abolish ICE” and actually trying to put forward real bills in Congress to achieve that goal. One can only surmise they are on the side of groups like MS13 and the Mexican Mafia.

Like I said, let’s continue to pray and support these fine gentlemen in their fight against some of the most hardened and ruthless criminals on the planet.


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Thank you.

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