MS13 member charged in killing of 10-year old boy.

Little Anthony Avalos was found mortally wounded at his home last week and died at the hospital the following morning. It was initially reported that he had “severe head injuries and cigarette burns covering his body”, but Sheriff Jim McDonnell said those injuries were “grossly overstated”.

Nevertheless, his death was ruled suspicious and now a member of the vicious international crime organization known as MS13, Kareem Leiva, 32, is being charged with his death.

For some reason the Liberal media is burying the fact that this guy was an MS13 member and trying to brush over it, instead turning to a very odd and non-existent homophobia angle. This boy had suffered from YEARS of physical, sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of this man and others, according to the Department of Children and Family Services.

Look at the headlines from the LAtimes and NBC:



They are trying to spin an incredibly odd homophobia angle, probably to use the story as a propaganda tool for the LGBT community, why? Because this story actually validates President Trump and the need to secure the border and crack down on these terrible gangs like MS13 that literally murder and rape children.

Some fake news being sold here to cover up the MS13 affiliation and possible human-trafficking going on.

On June 26th the LAtimes reported that investigators were looking at whether or not “homophobia” played a role in the death of little Anthony:


BUT TODAY June 28th, Investigators told NBC that “homophobia has not come up in our investigation as a motivation at this time.”


Only in the whacked out Liberal mind is that little boy dead because of “homophobia” and not neglect and abuse at the hands of a vicious criminal and this really messed up family. Caseworkers responded to 12 different complaints between February 2013 and April 2016.

Their source for the boy coming out as gay was him saying “I like boys” to a caseworker…the same caseworkers that responded to multiple complaints regarding abuse of this poor child, for years, long before he ever said “I like boys”. The same caseworkers that removed children from that environment after deeming it unsafe, only to send the children back?!

The same caseworkers that sat by why this child was abused and eventually murdered even though it was their direct responsibility to prevent that from happening…

Little Anthony wasn’t the only child in that home, the department said eight children ranging in age from 11 months to 12 years old have been removed from the home of Barron and Leiva “pending further investigation.”

What you have here is an obvious case of systematic child abuse by an MS13 member and a screwed up family, nothing more. Why even push the “he came out as gay”/homohobia angle?

Because they are absolutely desperate to cover up the MS13 affiliation and abysmal failures of California state institutions! Plus it never hurts them to have more propaganda

They spend billions in taxpayers dollars to supposedly help families like this, and gang-members like Kareem, and all it really does in the end is further enable and entrench their terrible behavior, but the politicians don’t really care because they already took their cut!CALICONDONATE

I can bet you any amount of money that Kareem and the mother of that poor boy have probably been receiving government assistance for a long time, as you often find massive amounts of abuse, and gang affiliations, in these families that are addicted to welfare.

The caseworkers KNEW he was an MS13 gang member! But you see they need to virtue-signal for illegals, minorities, gang members, and they don’t wanna lose that precious ill-gotten revenue stream of theirs so they will literally wait until a little boy is dead to actually get off their asses and pretend to do something about this.


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