Man detained at border for smuggling infant.

San Antonio, Texas, a Honduran man has been apprehended for trying to bring a 4-month old little girl across the US-Mexico border near Pharr, Texas, according to the US Border Patrol.

The man claimed he was the baby’s biological father, and he actually had some paperwork to back up the claim.

However, upon further investigation, the man admitted that he was not the infant’s father and that he had purchased false documents claiming that he was the father to try to gain entry into the United States.

According to KSAT, “During record checks, agents discovered a 2013 encounter with immigration officials in which the man had smuggled an 8-year-old, claiming he was the father. Because the man and the child received a family unit designation, they were released from federal custody, officials said.

So this guy has most likely been doing this for years with who knows how many different children…Thank God the Border Patrol was able to stop this sick bastard from further trafficking children across the border.

We need a wall and we need as much extra security on BOTH of our borders and the surrounding oceans, so many sick people want to infiltrate this country and we need to do everything we can to confirm the identity and intent of every single person trying to enter this country.



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