AG Jeff Sessions visits Los Angeles, Liberals flip out.

Where is ICE when you actually need them to round up a group of people, confirm everyone’s identity and citizenship status? They probably could have swept up a hundred or so illegals today, but of course everyone wants to be all sensitive towards Liberal crybabies and they always get their way, spoiled brats that they are.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is visiting a federal courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles today and Liberals had already planned over a week ago to show up and act unruly…They kept their promise and CBS has reported that about 25 arrests were made, including around 2 dozen Clergy members.

CBS interviewed some of the protesters for emotional effect and virtue signals:

Just one quick thought on the “separation of families”. Aren’t most of these people separating themselves from their own families when they decide to leave them to enter the United States? What’s next, will a bank robber bring their children with them during a heist and if they get arrested claim the US is “separating them from their family”?

The entire situation is totally ludicrous and Trump is working on a solution to this problem, deport as many as possible and don’t let them come back in.


The Clergy that were arrested are fake followers of Christ. They have twisted around who Jesus really was, turning him into a hippie bleeding heart Liberal communist rather than the strong man of God that he actually was. A real man that challenged the actual evil in the world, these people are either knowingly or unknowingly defending evil.

Indeed many of these “Clergy” members that are defending Human Trafficking, actually work for churches that have  been instrumental in bringing in busloads of illegal immigrants into the country.

The protests were supposed to take place all day, but the immediate area surrounding the courthouse has been cleared out. The authorities showed up in force and were ready to beat down the crowd if necessary, hell yes I say.

“The compassionate thing to do is protect our children from drugs and violence, put criminals in jail and secure our borders.

Having an immigration system that has integrity and consistency is right and just and moral. The alternative is open borders which is dangerous and not a realistic prospect for America.” -Jeff Sessions

Dear police make sure you bring that LRAD sound cannon and blast their ear drums out when they get unruly, I will consider it an early Christmas gift.

I am glad Sessions had the balls to show up here and unleash LEOs on these absolutely out of control Liberals. Even President Trump has avoided the Los Angeles area as it is like visiting a foreign hostile country for them. Sad.

I love the way he specifically drove by some of the homeless people and trash out in the streets just to troll the California Democrats by showing what filth they have created in what should be a thriving clean metropolis.


I am so thankful that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking an active role in trying to shut down a lot of the criminal behavior that our own state government officials and employees are engaging in and protecting.

Let’s see if the fascists try to gather somewhere else and engage in their typical out of control Liberal behavior, burning things and silencing opposing political speech with crowds and threats of violence, all while denouncing Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump as bullies…



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  1. Those “clergy” are like the Pharisees that Jesus rebuked: you cannot serve both God and mammon (money).

    It’s been said that when people get to Heaven, they will not only be surprised by who they see there, but who they don’t see there. We see the robes, the outward appearance, but God knows the heart. Romans 10:9, 13

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