Liberals harassing and doxxing ICE agents

This is what the Left has resorted too, actual Brownshirt tactics of trying to use mob mentality to shut down their opposition. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any lower, they have been calling to show up at ICE agents homes or stalk them while they pick up their children from school.

A Democratic lawmaker on Monday even introduced legislation to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Let me see, who are some of the main targets of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) agents? Human traffickers, MS13, Mexican Mafia members, fraudsters, child molesters, racketeers, money launderers, drug dealers, murderers, and a host of illegal immigrants that have been arrested and convicted of all sorts of crimes…

Yeah I can see why the Democrats are against ICE, this is their voting base that is getting locked up or deported.

Yes Liberal-Democrats are attacking those agents for fighting an already very tough battle against some vicious criminals. This is all being done in the name of protecting the children….American children? Not even, little illegals that sometimes aren’t so little like the 3 alleged MS13 members that were indicted recently for racketeering and gun charges.

They entered the country as “unaccompanied minors” when they were already in their late teens…These aren’t innocent children that are coming across, and many of the people that ICE is targeting inside the United States are violent criminals.

These people are truly unhinged, I have never once seen a Conservative advocate for stalking Liberals or Federal agents during the Obama administration. As much as we get labeled extremist gun-nuts that wanna overthrow the government the Right was very non-violent towards the overreaching Obama administration.

Trump is simply returning power to the people of this country, securing the borders, and booting out a lot of the illegals, especially the violent ones. How could that possibly upset anyone? Unless of course you are a criminal illegal alien who likes to dabble in Human Trafficking, as many of them do.

So if you are a Human Trafficker or MS13 member make sure you find out where your local Liberal gathering is and go on over and thank them for protecting your ability to rob, rape, and kill Americans at will!(They really do need the votes that bad!)

We cannot allow this extremist rhetoric to continue, it is becoming very dangerous at this point and someone is going to get hurt…again. Remember the Vegas massacre? Or the attempted assassination of Republicans at a softball game where a US GOP congressman was actually shot and severely injured??

I have long said that as the Left grows weaker in political strength it will continually resort to using Nazi style bullying tactics and even terrorism will become an option for them as the Left historically uses terrorism when it is at it’s weakest.

Unfortunately I don’t think we have seen the worst and it really looks like Liberals are pushing for a Civil War. Which is mad, because of course they have zero chance of winning and no one would benefit in a situation like that so we must avoid getting sucked into their sick game to tear America apart just as it’s roaring back to life.

So keep exercising your right to defend yourself and use your right to free speech to keep blasting these insane Liberals. Make sure we vote in new leadership so they have no political power to silence us or take away our guns and please do what you can to support Law Enforcement.

Especially ICE, these guys are taking on MS13, the Mexican Mafia and other vicious gangs on a daily basis. They are tough bastards and they are protecting all of our asses and I thank them very much for that.


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Thank you. God Bless America.

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