Has Maxine Waters become totally unhinged?

Even her own party has to distance themselves from her, but just like Pelosi and Schumer their days of being employed as politicians could also be numbered if the people finally wake up and vote smart, before it’s too late.

These Democrats are completely out of control in their anti-Republican bigotry and it’s downright disgusting how racist and intolerant they actually are, Maxine Waters should be ashamed of herself. The hypocrisy is astounding.


The unstable and astonishingly low IQ individual known as Maxine Waters recently caught some pretty big heat when she gave a Hitlerian speech where she advocated for the harassment of Trump supporters.  I don’t call people Hitler for no reason, unlike the Left, which is actually where Hitler was more politically aligned.


Sen. Schumer: “No one should call for the harassment of political opponents.”

I don’t believe Chuck Schumer for a second. He is probably relishing what happened to Sarah Sanders at that restaurant The Red Hen and all of this anti-Trump bigotry gets him off, but he knows that they can’t be public about it because they will get voted out of office. So he has to come out and virtue-signal, while continuing to spread the exact harmful lies about the President that are causing the bigotry.

Maxine Waters has a history of accidentally spilling the truth, this was one of those times. They plan to cause some type of mass disturbance and that is why they are hyping up the hysteria about families being separated.

I have listened to all sorts of speeches from throughout history, especially the 20th Century, and I must say the way that Maxine Waters gives her speeches is very similar to a Hitler or Mussolini speech. The hand gestures, the booming voice, the timing, and the pacing of the very scripted speech. Trying desperately to invoke God in her speech, but most millennial Liberals don’t believe in God anymore…

Also she says “our children” when referring to the “unaccompanied minors” at the border…Those are not our children Maxine. Do you see how she thinks of these illegals coming over? They are hers, as in her voting bloc, even if they can’t legally vote yet, their kids will be able to.

President Trump is a living legend and try as you might Maxine Waters, you will not be able to stop him or the MAGA movement. We the people of this nation redeclared our independence in 2016, on our 240th anniversary as a nation, and we are taking this country back!

In a lot of ways America had already died and now we are celebrating the 2nd year since it’s revival. Killed by the Clinton/Bush/Obama globalist coup that almost completely eradicated America and very nearly tossed it into the trash bin of history.

The people are waking up to your lies Mad Maxine, Senator Cuck Schumer, Dingbat Pelosi, Piece of Schiff, manchild Ted Lieu, and so many other corrupt Democrats. These people have been in office for DECADES, these people are lifetime politicians, and they only care about their payoffs not the American people.

We must vote these people out of office and have them all investigated.


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Thank you. God Bless America.

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