FULL SPEECH: President Trump ROCKS the Nevada GOP state convention.


President Trump is by far the hardest Working President in my lifetime, Clinton Bush Obama are Globalists, Donald Trump is an American Hero.

A legendary figure that will be remembered 10,000 years from now across the cosmos that will be populated by Americans thanks to the Space Force he is building.

President Trump today headlined the Nevada state GOP convention to lend a hand to Dean Heller in his campaign against the Democrat Jacky Rosen.

Whom Trump called ‘Wacky Jacky’ in his speech, to roaring applause and laughter of course. Trump is so much fun, I love his speeches and rallies they always bring a smile to my face and I will try to upload more of them on here as they happen so that way have somewhere to watch them ad-free. Thanks for watching. God Bless.


I am imploring everyone to please help support this operation so I could post several times a day while releasing several videos, memes and fresh tweets. Lord knows right now we need to fight fight fight like hell if we wanna win.

If I didn’t have to work all the time I could dedicate myself 100% to this. So consider just giving $1 to help me counter the mainstream media and their ravenous anti-Trump propaganda campaign.


Or check out the CaliConservative store where 25% of all my profit goes to The Semper Fi Fund that helps disabled veterans.

Thank you. God Bless America.

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