California bill targets police ability to use lethal force.

Just like a miniaturized version of the Obama administration, the Democrat-controlled California state government wont rest until it goes after our military and law enforcement’s ability to effectively do their jobs. A new bill rapidly working its way through the California state legislature will do exactly that, by limiting a police-officers ability to decide when to use deadly force.

Law enforcement obviously stands in firm opposition to this bill while the California Democrats are yet again putting all of our safety at risk in order to virtue-signal for criminals…truly insane, they are.


“Damn sure we are voting Democrat!” -Gangs Everywhere.

This is an extremely dangerous bill that will turn California into England by neutering the police and pretty soon they will be dancing in the PRIDE parade while people are raped, murdered, robbed, kidnapped and sex trafficked in record numbers.

California already has more murders and rapes than any other state and Libs write this off as merely having to do with our population size. Or they will find some city in Alabama that has a higher rate of poverty or homicide and point at that instead, but I think total number means more than higher rate.

BUT then they are also saying that because California has the highest number of police shootings, 162 people in 2017, that means we have a police shooting epidemic. Wait, shouldn’t the “population size=more crime” argument also mean our population size means we will have more police shootings?

For instance, the amount of White people killed by police is almost twice as much as it is for Black people, Progressives actual rebuttal to this very uncomfortable fact is to say that due to population size, black men are shot at 20 times the rate as opposed to Whites…

That is the Liberal logic for you, to them we don’t have a rape epidemic despite having more reported rapes in California than any other state…because of our population size. We don’t have a homeless epidemic despite having more homeless people than any other state…because of our population size.

To them we don’t have a murder epidemic despite having more murders than any other state…because of our population size, BUT we apparently have a police shooting epidemic and to them that has nothing to do with our population size…

Liberal-progressive arguments make no sense when you boil them down and if you ever question their argument, well then you simply hate all black people and support a genocidal plan by the police to murder and exterminate all minorities….

The REAL REASON why we have so many police shootings is because we have an out of control gang and crime epidemic here that is being fueled by two factors, a state legislature that bends over backwards for criminals and a flood of illegal immigrants that have surged into the state over the past 20-30 years.

Now the state legislature has gone totally off the rails by trying to take away the most important tool of an officer, the ability to make a split-second decision that can protect their own life and those around them and we need to do EVERYTHING we can to speak out against this heinous bill.




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Thank you.

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