59,786 “Dreamers” have criminal records.

So much for the DACA recipients are all loving children who have committed absolutely no other crime than being brought here as a child…New statistics show that 53,792 illegal aliens that were granted DACA status already had an arrest prior to being granted status. With another 7,814 being arrested after being granted status. In total, 59,386 Dreamers have a criminal record.


These numbers are pretty staggering and although it is only about 7% of the overall number of DACA requestors the actual number of crimes committed by this group of people is quite high. Let’s try to break down a few of them:




So every one of these crimes is bothersome and no one should brush off arrests for non-violent driving crimes or immigration crimes, those to should be prevented at all costs because they cost us money and could ultimately hurt someone.

But these other crimes are TOTALLY unacceptable:

  • 6,629 thefts
  • 4,611 drug-related
  • 2,576 Obstructions, false statements etc.
  • 2,503 Battery
  • 2,378 DUI
  • 2,007 Assault
  • 1,558 Vandalism
  • 1,173 Burglary
  • 1,007 Trespassing, Unlawful entry
  • 979 Weapon-Related
  • 713 Fraud, Money Laundering, Corruption etc.
  • 425 Hit and Run
  • 174 Sexual-Abuse, Statutory rape
  • 816 Offenses against Family and Children(WTF?!)
  • 95 Kidnapping, Trafficking
  • 31 Rape
  • 10 Murder

Remember, many of these crimes were committed prior to being granted DACA status!! The DACA program is obviously a failed endeavor and an alternative solution must be applied immediately to this already out of control situation.

My recommendation is to deport almost all of them back to their home countries to make that place a better a place, most of them still proudly identify as whatever country they fled from, this program is not creating new Americans it’s creating new Democrats and it must end immediately.


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Thank you. God Bless America.

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