3 MS13 members indicted, entered US as “unaccompanied minors”

3 men from El Salvador who are alleged members of the savage and disgusting MS-13 street gang have been indicted on federal racketeering and gun charges, the US Attorney’s office said Friday. The indictment was filed in US District Court in Boston and unsealed on Thursday.

Here is the kicker, they entered the US as “unaccompanied minors” in 2014….Here you have a verifiable case of MS13 taking advantage of our flawed border policy to enter the United States.

Nelson Cruz Rodriguez Cartagena, just 24-years old, who re-entered the US after getting deported, was arrested Thursday in Everett, where he was illegally residing, according to a statement from the US Attorney’s office.

Nery Rodriguez Diaz, only 18-years old, and Elmer Alfaro Hercules, 19-years old, were each charged in a separate indictment with “being illegal aliens in possession of firearms and ammunition,” according to prosecutors.

So the Democrats are trying to take away American citizen’s right to own a firearm and taking away a police officers ability to shoot a criminal, while the illegal MS13 members have stockpiles of weapons and ammunition…

Diaz was also accused in 2017 of holding a boy down and stabbing him 22 times, the statement said. The charges were dismissed after the victim didn’t appear in court…These are the disgusting animals that the Democrats are fighting for!

Few of these “unaccompanied minors” are actual little children, instead they are 18, 19, or 20 years old(some even older), if they come with no documents how can you really know for sure?


That is why the entire system is broken and needs to be fixed and just thank God we have President Trump in charge now and although Jeff Sessions can’t do anything when it comes to the Russia investigation he has really sunk his teeth into using the Department of Justice to take down MS13 and other violent gangs.



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