18 Brooklyn gang members arrested while Dems call for crackdown on Police tactics

We truly are living in twilight zone times when gang members are being openly aided and abetted by Democrats and the Law Enforcement officers that put their lives on the line everyday to catch these criminals are being demonized and attacked by those same Democrats…

18 Martense-Beverly Bosses gang members who talked about the murders of their rivals being tracked on a “scoreboard”, have been arrested. The arrests were carried out by NYPD and various assisting forces. These people were incredibly ruthless killers who showed absolutely no remorse for their victims.

The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has been fervent in his support of criminal activity and he is right now visiting Texas to try to gain access to a detention facility where unaccompanied minors are being held…

How out of touch is this guy? People are literally being murdered in his city and he is busy virtue-signaling!! In the past he has talked about and hails up his Black wife and half-Black son as a triumph of his resounding solidarity with the Black community, talking about how Black people are unfairly treated by our justice system. And yet every one of the eighteen arrested were Black.

Now I have to virtue-signal and say I am not saying all Black people are criminals, that is absolutely absurd, but the Black community and maybe even more so in the Latin/Hispanic community, gangs are seen as a viable alternative to employment for some people.

Look at the gang graffiti in California, it is almost all predominately from Hispanic/Latin gangs, I am sure it is the same across the country.

And yet the Democrats are going after the NYPD and Law Enforcement as a whole instead of going after the vast criminal networks that have sprang up in Democrat run cities all over the country the past decade, especially under the Obama administration…

About a week ago the New York City Council Committee on Public Safety held a public hearing regarding the New York Police Department’s gang policing tactics….They are upset that a new gang database being used by the NYPD had 1% of those tagged as White, 44% are Black and 44% are Hispanic/Latino.

BUT when the NYPD Chief of Detectives, Dermot Shea was asked about the disparagingly uneven numbers he gave an extremely logical and poignant response:

“The racial breakdown, unfortunately, is extremely disparate, and it almost exactly mirrors our gun violence shooting breakdown in New York Cityit’s approximately 95 percent people of color…when you look at the shooting violence in New York City, and you look at the individuals on either side of the gun—unfortunately, but it is the reality in New York City—[people of color are] roughly 95 percent…of the individuals getting shot or the individuals arrested for violence.”

This isn’t racism, it is just statistics. It isn’t white privilege, it is just reality. Liberals just don’t want to deal with the facts that they don’t like. We minorities tend to be more prone to join a gang and be more violent, it’s just a simple fact.

You would think the Left would understand that if they are telling us that White people are privileged and have more than we do, well then wouldn’t that mean they have less reason to join a street gang as well?

Besides, under the Trump administration raids have been carried out that have arrested members of White extremist groups, like the Aryan Brotherhood, as well. So suck on that race baiting Liberals. Trump is just anti-crime, he doesn’t give a damn what race you are and it isn’t his fault that Blacks and Hispanics/Latin join street gangs at higher rates than White people do.

These are lasting problems that have been around for decades. Created by the Cultural Marxists by glorifying the gang and prison culture. Selling the gang lifestyle as a legitimately respectable position for a minority.

Join a gang! It’ll give you street cred and make you seem like a bad ass! Don’t worry about going to jail, that makes you seem even cooler! F#*& the police!

This is what has fueled a rise in gang activity and violent crime for about 30 years now but it really surged under the Obama administration. So now Trump has his work cut out for him in trying to beat these gangs back, but he will do it, by God he will shut these gangs down and send them retreating with their tail between their legs!

Let’s just make sure we do everything we can to keep Democrats out of power across the board, because wherever they are you are sure to find corruption, rampant poverty, mental degradation, hate crimes, rape, narcotics, and murder.


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Thank you.


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