Illegal immigrant confesses to murdering 2 women in Miami-Dade

Yet another totally preventable case of senseless violence involving an illegal immigrant. An “undocumented” immigrant from Honduras, Juan Carlos Hernandez-Caseres, aged 37, has confessed to murdering two women in Miami-Dade County, Florida, then dumping their bodies in the street….

Gee, I sure hope the evil racist Republicans don’t separate this poor, oppressed, undocumented immigrant from his family…They better not stick him in a cage! Oh this poor poor undocumented immigrant has never hurt a fly! He just killed two women, but he never hurt a fly!

This case was totally preventable as Juan Carlos had already had previous run-ins with the law that should have flagged his status as an illegal immigrant, but remember the Left is telling us it’s racist to inquire about a persons immigration status…

I personally don’t care if an illegal immigrant committed no other crimes after entering the country illegally, in my eyes the sole act of violating our sacred borders is enough to have you deported.

We can’t keep allowing the Democrats to bring these types of people into the country! We must resist their efforts to destroy the cultural identity of this great nation! Which is their ultimate goal, to create enough chaos where they can do away with the Constitution once and for all.

These people are called Cultural Marxists and they won’t be satisfied until they have completely eradicated our cultural identity and change the demographics of the United States forever. In order to do that they must totally erase our borders and supplant the existing population with a new one then label anyone that speaks against their insidious takeover a xenophobic racist.

They will point at one illegal immigrant that somehow earned a college degree as the reason for why we need to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, while ignoring the numerous murderers, rapists, drug dealers and criminals…

But we are not as stupid as their daft followers. I will continue to keep searching for and exposing every instance of criminal illegal immigrants being arrested and shoving it in the Lefts face. They don’t just have blood on their hands, they are covered from head-to-toe with the blood of innocent Americans and it looks like they are bloody loving it….being the sick satanic bastards that they are.


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Thank you.


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