CA Budget spends MILLIONS to help illegals fight deportation…

The California Democrats are like cockroaches and right now they are scrambling and don’t know what to do because Trump just broke into their filth-ridden kitchen, turned on the lights and started spraying bug spray all over the place. It would be fun to watch if American citizens weren’t actually suffering as a result of the insane policies of our state government.

The $200B California State budget allocates tens of millions of tax-dollars into state programs that help illegal immigrants fight deportation. $10 million to help illegal kids stay in the country.

Also included in this sick bill is $1.6 million to build a team of 8 attorneys and investigators in the Labor Commissioner’s office at the Department of Industrial Relations. They would act as a legal goon squad for the Democrats and enforce a new state law that requires business owners to tell their employees when they’re contacted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement…

Let me just repeat that, the state is FORCING small and medium business owners to break the Federal law and tell an illegal immigrant that an immigration agency may be reviewing their I-9 forms or immigration status…

The law mandates employers provide notice to workers if there is a federal request to examine I-9 forms…unreal!

Yes this insane law, Assembly Bill 450, uses the most Orwellian language you can find. It peppers the phrase “Except as otherwise required by federal law” throughout the bill…while also saying it will punish business owners for choosing to follow the Federal Law…

The state law sets fines of $2,000-$10,000 for anyone that fails to break the Federal law…this is really low, underhanded, and downright criminal, even for the corrupt California Democrats…

HOWEVER. The budget isn’t entirely bad, we were able to get them to strike out the parts about providing healthcare and tax breaks for illegal immigrants. They probably knew that would actually get Conservatives out in the streets in big numbers protesting if they tried to pull such a stunt.

Although I strongly suspect they have other loopholes for funding illegal healthcare and giving them tax breaks and that is why it was no big deal for them to not add it to this budget.

STILL, this is a really bad budget bill and the fact that they are spending tens of millions of our hard earned dollars on protecting illegal immigrants from deportation and forcing American business owners to break Federal law is a downright travesty.

“Donald Trump’s out-of-control deportation force is constant threat to our immigrant communities,” said Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco

These California Democrats are not living in reality. These Democrats are the ones that are absolutely out of control by forcing AMERICAN business owners to break the Federal law! They are protecting rapists, murderers, gang members, and drug dealers! This has nothing to do with protecting families, and everything to do with protecting criminal rackets that they control.


Illegal immigration is what is being targeted. MS13 members, gang members, and sex offenders are being targeted, no one is going after “immigrant communities”, whatever the hell that even means. In fact, it is you, David Chiu, who is unfairly targeting American citizens for merely complying with Federal law!

What you find in many of these “immigrant communities” are people that were actually born here, or have been here for decades, but are failing to properly assimilate because the Democrats keep them in a foreign mentality, isolate them, and constantly tell them they are different from everyone. They convince them of the falsehood that they will never fit in with the majority population.

Also a major part of why Democrats are conflating illegal and legal immigration is because many people who may seem like legal immigrants, are actually using stolen identities and have been living fake lives for decades. Those people not only risk deportation, but could potentially face numerous felonies as well.

So the Democrats use the vulnerabilities of the illegal immigrant community against them. The last thing the Democrats ever want these immigrants to do is actually learn English and assimilate because then they might lose control over them and that is why they brought them here in the first place, to use their children as a voting bloc.

VOTE FOR US OR YOUR DAD AND MOM WILL BE DEPORTED is quite a convincing campaign slogan to someone who is the offspring of one or two illegal immigrants.

So that is the agenda behind using the tax-dollars to fund these programs that are helping illegal immigrants fight the Trump administrations deportation efforts. The Democrats are banking on the fact that if they alone are the reason these illegals are able to stay in this country than the illegals will support them in perpetuity.

Literally creating generations and generations that will continually support the Democratic Party.

Now. The California Democrats have already been funneling tens of millions into these kind of programs that help shield illegal immigrants from deportation. In 2017, it was $45 million being spent on these mostly useless programs, but apparently that wasn’t enough so they upped the amount this year.

Three times more will be spent on helping “undocumented”(illegal) children fight the Federal government. It was $3 million last year, it’s $10 million now.

The new funding steers some of the money directly to Liberal colleges to help fund the educations of these illegal immigrants. It gives $10 million to community colleges for immigration services that helps “undocumented” immigrants, $7 million to the California State University system and $4 million to the University of California.

This is a terrible waste of our tax-dollars, and it will only hurt the cultural identity of our country in the long run. The Democrats are totally out of control and have gone mad from having absolute power in California! It’s time they are reined in.

We need to be passing a law that says tax-dollars may only ever be used for AMERICAN CITIZENS ONLY. #AmericaFirst.


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Thank you.

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