7 days: MS13, gang members, sex offenders arrested by Border Patrol

During the past 7-days, Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents continue to encounter/arrest dangerous criminal and illegal immigrants. We are seeing a new level of arrests, detainments, and deportations thanks to President Trump and his zero-tolerance crime and immigration policy.


For 8 years we had a criminal as President, his name was Barry Soetoro, many know him as Barack Obama. This man was very sympathetic to criminals and sure a fair amount of people were deported while he was President, but many simply came back over and over with no real consequences.

Last Friday, agents assigned to the McAllen Border Patrol Station arrested a Mexican national near Peñitas, Texas, whose record checks showed him to be affiliated to the extremely dangerous and deadly “Los Zetas” cartel.

The Zetas are famous for hijacking busloads of tourists and enslaving them all. In what is now known as the San Fernando Massacre of 2011 at least 193 people were brutally murdered by Los Zetas for no real reason. Some of the people were literally forced to fight each other to the death in gladiator style arena battles while the Zetas watched and bet on the outcome.

These are the types of the people the Democrats want to invite into our country and let’s just take a second to thank God that we have President Trump on our side trying to stop these sick ANIMALS from ever setting foot into our country!



On Monday, agents apprehended a Salvadoran man near Edinburg, Texas, who is an active member of the despicable MS-13 gang!!

This is going on as we speak folks, these animals are being rounded up, but the Democrats are fighting for them to be able to live next door to you!

On the same day, agents arrested a Salvadoran national near Roma, Texas. His record checks revealed a previous arrest and conviction in Durham, North Carolina for a sexual offense with a child. The man was sentenced to 132 months to 168 months confinement.

If you ask me that is way to light of a punishment for an illegal that broke into our country and molested a child, that should get you an expedited death penalty.

How can that poor child ever live a normal life now? Especially knowing that in just 13 years(or less when Democrats get involved in the probation process) that illegal scumbag could be back out on the streets either seeking revenge, molesting another child, or committing other crimes.

Just take a moment to thank God at least the Border Patrol was able to apprehend that scumbag and that the ferocity of the Trump administration in finding and putting away these kinds of people. It is certainly a very beneficial thing for local communities and American families.

BUT WAIT MONDAY WAS NOT OVER: Later that same day, immigration agents in Alamo, Texas arrested a Salvadoran man who was charged and convicted in Concord, California for sex with a minor and sentenced to three years’ probation.

He was probably let go by our insane Sanctuary State policy and so he decided to take his pedophilia on the road to the other states…who knows how many children were violated by this sick man who had no business being in our country. Let’s just take a moment to thank God he was apprehended.

On Tuesday, Falfurrias agents apprehended a Salvadoran man near Encino, Texas. His criminal history revealed a previous arrest by the Sunnyvale, California Police Department for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14. The subject was convicted to nine months confinement and three years’ probation.

It’s a total lie that families are being torn apart by immigration officials as the Left is shrieking. These are criminal rapists, murderers, drug dealers, all the general scum and villainy is what is being removed from the country right now.

Again, I ask you, was this man probably let go in the first place because of our insane Sanctuary State policy? I submit to you that the answer to that is a resounding yes.

ICE has begun to withhold information from California officials and some local PDs about pending operations because the information is getting passed on to the Cartels, gang members and the illegals that are dodging the immigration officials…The California Democrats are not on America’s side.

Thursday, Kingsville agents apprehended a Salvadoran man near Sarita, Texas. A background check of his criminal history revealed a previous conviction for 1st degree rape in New York. The man was sentenced to 10 years confinement and is a registered sex offender in the state of New York….

Why was this man in our country?! Why were any of these people in our country?! They had absolutely no business being here and they have been here for decades!

All men were referred for prosecution and their prior orders of removal will be reinstated.

Let’s keep supporting President Trump, ICE, and of course our AMAZING Border Patrol agents! This was just 7-days of work, and they may have saved countless lives from being ruined by deporting these criminals and keeping them out of our precious country! Go get em boys!



So I am imploring everyone to please help support this operation so I could post several times a day while releasing several videos, memes and fresh tweets. Lord knows right now we need to fight fight fight like hell if we wanna win. If I didn’t have to work all the time I could dedicate myself 100% to this. So consider just giving $1 to help me counter the mainstream media and their ravenous anti-Trump propaganda campaign.


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Thank you.

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