Donald Trump-shaped Ecstasy pills surge in popularity in Hong Kong

A Trump shaped ecstasy pill has been rocking worlds in Hong Kong, named and shaped like Trump because of the versions of ecstasy available is among the strongest…
The story comes to us from the South China Morning Post.


I will say I have a sudden urge to try ecstasy haha. Just kidding, CaliConservative endorses a drug-free lifestyle kids, visit your local library to learn more about the benefits of living a drug-free lifestyle.


The drug is being seized in record numbers in Hong Kong but it is not a popular drug with the locals. In fact, almost every ecstasy drug seizure in Hong Kong does not involve a local. However it is the preferred choice for people from outside the country, especially people who use the drug to enhance their partying experience as the drug can cause euphoria, increased awareness, color distortions among other effects.



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