CRIME WARS: Sweeping raids, 100s arrested.

The modern drug and crime problem in America started off innocently enough. Marijuana that had a THC content of 5% or less, hippies doing LSD and hanging out with their favorite cartoon characters. They ate mushrooms, mud wrestled at Woodstock and the local drug dealer was just a loveable pothead. Gangs all wore leather jackets and openly identified themselves with strict moral codes not to hurt elderly people and they settled their differences with choreographed dance numbers….OK maybe that was only in the movie West Side Story, but the point is things were generally nicer.

Fast forward to the advent of crack-cocaine and beyond. To THC counts in Marijuana ‘concentrates’ that have reached an astounding 70%-90%. Bath Salt drugs that have turned people into actual zombies that eat each others faces off. People have literally died from dancing too much while smacked out on molly and now the local drug dealer is armed to the teeth with a fully automatic AK47, hand grenades and body armor.

Powerful crystal meth created in labs in Mexico pours across the border and it’s making little 13-year old Denise punch grandma in the face, steal her purse and eat the dog.

This has happened as a direct result of our leadership failing to properly secure the border, pass sensible drug laws and give our law enforcement agents the tools they need to dismantle these transnational and local crime organizations.

I personally believe that the reason the Democrats(and a few RINOs) are so sympathetic to groups like MS13, and the Mexican Mafia, is because they are directly profiting from the illicit drug trade and human smuggling. They have either knowingly helped these criminals, or have for decades failed to fix the problem.

We know they have a history of supporting people like the KKK, Al Capone, and the Mafia whenever it suits their purpose.

We know that Obama and Eric Holder sent high powered anti-tank rifles to these drug cartels. They are the friends of the Democratic Party.

Oh, but now EVERYTHING has changed since Trump. Well almost everything, the California Democrats still remain loyal to the idea of allowing the flow of drugs and inviting human trafficking into the country, but nevertheless, Trump is still working feverishly to crush this drug and violent crime epidemic and bring it down to it’s lowest levels ever…and the Democrats are fighting like hell to prevent that from happening.

The Trump administration isn’t just launching an all out assault on the Drug Trafficking networks in the United states, but it’s also cracking down heavily on all sorts of crimes and gang activity. First, I will talk about the war on Drugs then I will talk about the crackdown on crime as a whole.

So we have many substantial drug busts to talk about…that have happened within just the last 30 days!! It appears a vicious new front is opening up in the War on Drugs as Trump unleashes hell on the criminals. The battle against drug trafficking organizations has certainly been fired up under the Trump administration and it is achieving astounding results

The difference of course between the efforts of this administration and the previous ones is that Trump is actually winning this battle by unchaining our Law Enforcement and giving them the ability to properly investigate and arrest these vicious drug dealers at EVERY LEVEL.

We aren’t just hitting the local drug dealer on the street anymore, or one or two top level guys, every single aspect of the illegal trade is being targeted and systematically dismantled, from it’s distribution centers to it’s top level leadership.

Dismantling the drug trade.

Not long ago I talked about 83 members of the Mexican Mafia that were arrested in a massive sweep across Los Angeles County that targeted the vicious transnational organization across all aspects of it’s business infrastructure.

6/13/18. Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department investigators arrested 17 people and seized nearly 20,000 illegal marijuana plants worth more than $4 million, in addition they also found 13 guns, 2 of which had been reported stolen.

6/13/18. Clark County, Ohio, large amount of fentanyl seized: “What you’re looking at here is enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in the Miami Valley,” DeWine said. “In fact, even beyond the Miami Valley. I think this is enough to kill 3 or 4 million in the state of Ohio.”

3 of the people arrested were from Mexico, probably loving DACA recipients I am sure:

• Omar Alejandro Cantu-Garcia (Nuevo Leon, Mexico), 28 — detained on drug trafficking charges

• David Guillermo Cantu-Garcia (Nuevo Leon, Mexico), 30 — detained on drug trafficking charges

• Pedro Medina (Nuevo Leon, Mexico), 40 — jailed on federal detainer for drug possession. Arrested at 555 Infirmary Road

• Aguilar Reyes-Espinosa (New Carlisle), 43 — detained on drug trafficking charges

6/3/2018. Pima County, Arizona. Arizona Border Strike Force seized just over 53 pounds of meth and over two pounds of heroin during a traffic stop on I-10 in Pima County.

Luis Alberto Mazon Hernandez, 48, a Mexican national was charged for multiple trafficking crimes.

6/13/18. Salton City, California. Border Patrol Discovers Drugs in Vehicle’s Fuel Tank.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a man suspected of smuggling drugs inside a vehicle’s fuel tank, a black Chevrolet pick-up truck that approached the primary inspection area of the Highway 86 Checkpoint just before 6 a.m.

At primary inspection, a Border Patrol agent referred the driver to secondary for further inspection.  In secondary, a canine detection team alerted to the bed of the truck.

After a search of the vehicle, agents discovered 35 wrapped bundles hidden inside the vehicle’s fuel tank. The packages were tested and proved positive for the characteristics of methamphetamine.

6/14/18. Lowell, Massachusetts. Troopers conducted a motor vehicle stop after conducting surveillance in the Prospect Hill neighborhood, state police said. The stop resulted in the seizure of 440 grams of suspected heroin and fentanyl and $3K cash.

6/14/18. Richmond, Kentucky. Madison County drug agents seize more than 400 grams of methamphetamine and two firearms.

6/6/18. A significant raid that took place a week ago in the state of Washington, as 35 alleged members of a drug trafficking organization were arrested in a widespread operation across an area known as the Puget Sound region.

The operation spanned several counties, multiple departments, and netted:

  • 12 pounds of heroin
  • 2+ kilograms of cocaine
  • 1 pound of methamphetamine
  • 124 pounds of marijuana
  • 41 guns
  • hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash

This raid was actually the third phase in an ongoing operation in The Puget Sound region that has occurred over the past 4 months.

This isn’t even a fraction of all the drug busts that are happening right now in YUGE numbers. This is part of the Trump agenda to bring back law and order. BUT there has also been a massive crackdown on crime in general and gang activity.

This will go down as another campaign promise being kept by Trump, going after gangs and restoring…


6/14/18. California. A massive ICE raid was able to nab 162 individuals suspected of criminal activity. 90% are said to have criminal convictions including a 32-year-old Mexican national who was convicted of rape and sentenced to eight years’ incarceration.

The arrestees — 157 men, 5 women — were nationals from 12 countries, including 129 from Mexico, 10 from El Salvador, and 10 from Guatemala, officials said.

Another person arrested was a 47-year-old previously deported El Salvadorian national who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to seven years in prison. These are the people the Democrats are fighting for.

6/12/18. Department Of Justice sponsored Operation Triple Beam brings in 270 arrests of suspected gang members and recovered about 50 firearms! A wildly successful operation that achieved ‘historic results’.

And just so no one can call Trump a racist, people who were arrested allegedly had gang affiliations with groups such as the Aryan Brotherhood, Gangster Disciples, Simon City Royals, Latin Kings and Vice Lords….

So it really doesn’t matter if your Black, White, Hispanic or Asian, the Trump administration is making a bold zero-tolerance for crime proclamation. Hey that rhymed…

BREAKING NEWS June 14, 2018. Eighteen suspected gang members and associates arrested in Danville, VA.

One of the biggest indictments of local gang members in decades. Federal racketeering charges have been filed.

There were two separate indictments: The first charged eight members with racketeering conspiracy, violent crimes in aid of racketeering including murder and attempted murder and several counts of using firearms.

The second indictment charged seven members with racketeering conspiracy, violent crimes in aid of racketeering including murder and attempted murder and using firearms to commit crimes. Three women associates were charged with being accessories in the second indictment.

6/12/18. New Jersey. 91 people are arrested in a massive 5-day ICE sweep that found an MS-13 member that had a warrant out for his arrest that had been issued by Interpol…

Many of the people arrested had numerous convictions including sexual assault on a minor, child abuse, domestic violence, aggravated assault, aggravated assault on law enforcement, endangering the welfare of a child, kidnapping, among other crimes.

This is what ICE does, they genuinely make the community a safer place and these insane Democrats are downright criminal for wanting to hamper their ability to do their job in anyway.

These spectacular raids and drug seizures have all taken place recently and I believe it is due to the renewed effectiveness and tenacity of our law enforcement agents under a Trump administration. It is really starting to show positive results for the first time in a long time.

It is sad that now ICE has to withhold information from some local California police departments because it will jeopardize the safety of our immigration officials. Let’s send them help in Sacramento where the Democrats have been working overtime to protect the drug and crime syndicates that they love so much and hurt our law enforcement agents. Vote GOP when you head to the polls this November.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.


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