Democrats poised to take massive loss in California Primary

Oh the Democrats. It just really seems like they can’t do anything right these days. Well actually since their party was created in 1828, the Democrats can’t seem to do anything right, but recently they have just gone into a complete tailspin heading into a very critical midterm election. The mistakes they are making could literally cost the Democrats their status as a major political party.

Not only have they been hopelessly and painfully #RESISTING the greatest President in modern history, but the real problem for the Democrats was they couldn’t seem to decide on a cohesive message or officially decide on candidates in enough time to get people motivated and unified for the Primaries. The Democrats are weak when they aren’t all unified and using a single-voice, but it seems the people are tired of just hearing “stop Trump” and that was literally their only talking point.

Usually the opposition party does well in midterms, but this time it looks like the voters actually want to send President Trump more support.

And now the plot just unexpectedly thickened right here in California, in what is considered the Democrat’s strongest state, they are not looking good heading into this states midterm election in some key areas. Several of the districts The Democrats need to take back the house look like two GOP candidates could advance and shut out the Democrats.


I have been saying for a while now, and my Twitter followers can attest, that California is the frontline in the fight to take back our country, because it is where both the cultural battle and the political battle converge into one. If we can focus our efforts on California we can once and for all end the Liberal-Fascist takeover of our country.


The Liberal media is already beginning to prepare their subjects for this devastating loss the GOP could potentially hand them in California:


That middle one is actually from The Atlantic. I know, shocking right?!? They actually do expect a huge loss and they can’t even spin it into a positive light.

Look at Devin Nunes’s fundraising efforts, he has absolutely crushed his goals and his campaign funds are at an all time high. This is happening because millions of Californians want to support President Trump:screen-17.05.55[04.06.2018].png

In the race for Governor, the Right already had chosen between two candidates, Cox and Allen, the Left is split among four candidates, Newsom, Villaraigosa, Eastin, and Chiang. In total, there are actually 5 candidates for the GOP that could potentially make the official ballot for Governor, while the Democrats are deciding between a whopping 12 different candidates all running with different messages.

The 48th and 39th Districts are critical to the Democrats in their fight to take back the House and it really looks like they could be shut out of the ballot completely in favor of GOP candidates. How could this be?

This all happened due to a surge in new Dem candidates in the rush to capitalize on the anti-Trump fervor plaguing California. The problem is they have too many candidates, and while it looked like the GOP vote was gonna be split among our top two candidates, potentially shutting us out of the Governor race entirely, it’s actually the Democrat vote that looks to be split even worse among at least four potential candidates.

I must add that I have not seen one single “Gavin Newsom” sign anywhere, and I live in Southern California mind you, right smack dab in the Liberal area of Los Angeles County. This is supposed to be their stronghold where they have more support than anywhere and so far I have only seen one campaign sign on someone’s lawn and it was for Antonio Villaraigosa.

It even looks like the Democrats could run into a four-way split among their candidates that pits Travis Allen vs John Cox.

Yes you read that right. Two Republicans could potentially make the ballot for Governor this November completely shutting out the Democrats. While it looked like the “Open Primary” voting system was going to be working against the Republicans, it could actually work out in our favor.

Reports are already coming back that absentee ballots are being sent in for the GOP in much greater numbers than the Democrats, a very distressing sign for the Left:


I was going to tweet this earlier, let’s not completely forsake the Open Primary system, while yes it was entirely intended to keep GOP candidates off the ballot forever, it could very well turn around and keep Democrats off the California ballot as well and it has happened on at least one occasions before in a district where two GOP candidates faced off. Let’s flip this Open Primary system and give the Liberal Democrats a taste of their own medicine!

Let’s just pray that is the case, it would be the best possible scenario to have two GOP’s candidates face off in November and I have no doubt the Democrats would quite literally riot in the street and accuse Russia of meddling in our primary.

So if you’re a Cox supporter don’t be afraid to vote with your heart, as I have said on Twitter, your vote is totally up to you, though I would never vote for Cox and I am supporting Travis Allen, the most important thing is that we vote for the GOP and not the Democrats.

Even if you are a Democrat reading this, I implore you to realize that your parties establishment has completely abandoned you and they are manipulating you to continually vote for them and the best way to send them a message is to vote for the opposing candidates.

Every Californian that wants to see a prosperous, free, and safe California that works for all of us, not just an elite few that live in The Hills and Silicon Valley, must vote for the GOP this year.

Thank you God Bless.

PLEASE HELP!! As I have said in previous articles, I have to work more than 50 hours a week just to support myself and pay the rent in my small 1-bedroom apartment in a crime-ridden neighborhood that just went from $1100 to $1200…Gee, living in California is soooooo great *sarcasm overload*


So I am imploring everyone to please help support this operation so I could post several times a day while releasing several videos, memes and fresh tweets. Lord knows right now we need to fight fight fight like hell if we wanna win. If I didn’t have to work all the time I could dedicate myself 100% to this. So consider just giving $1 to help me counter the mainstream media and their ravenous anti-Trump propaganda campaign.


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Thank you.

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